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Thankful November 28th, 2013

So today is Thanksgiving and I will follow suit and say what I am thankful for. I am thankful for the ability to move forward. What do I mean by this? Well seven years ago I was jobless, my grandmother had just died and my mother and I just moved to Delaware. The Xbox 360 came out, but there was no way I could afford it, or even hope to afford it at the time. Fast forward seven years, I run my own business, Kris and I are looking to buy a house, and I got the Xbox One on launch day. A lot has changed in the last seven years, some good some bad.

Kris and I put an offer in on another house, we had to submit it in writing, so we will see what happens in the next few days. If they do accept the offer, we could be in the house before the end of the year. I’d have a lot of room for my new console if we do, which will be great since I have a Kinect now and could finally play some games I couldn’t try out last generation. I didn’t really care much about Kinect when the Xbox One was announced and I didn’t understand why their announcement focused on the Kinect and how it interacts with the cable box, but now I get it. Voice commands is one of my favorite launch features for my One. I wish they didn’t take out streaming, but that should be added in a few months.

Here’s some unboxing pictures from day 1:

Xbox One (XBone) in the shipping box.

Xbox One (XBone) in the shipping box when it was open.

Xbox One (XBone) in the product box.

Xbox One (XBone) with Kinect 2.0 set up and connected to my television. The lights are a dim red in person, but when I take a picture they come out bright.

It really is a great console. So far I’ve been playing a lot of COD Ghosts and Dead Rising 3. I am going to send some games back to Gamefly and hopefully get some of the other games I was interested in playing, but didn’t want to commit to buying just yet. Here’s a video of me getting stuck under some stairs in Dead Rising 3:

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There’s much to be done. November 11th, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, it’s not that there’s not a lot going on, it’s that I’ve had no inspiration to write. I guess I’ll start by informing everyone of what’s been going on lately.

Dad sold his house in New Jersey to move down here, that’s the reason that we can leave now. Since he’s here, Mom doesn’t need us here anymore, so it’s the right time to start looking for our own place and to start the next chapter.

Kris and I tried to buy a house, but was told by two banks that it was an unapproved property, but then sent an official letter saying it had to do with credit problems, I guess you can’t discriminate properties legally in the state of Delaware. We’re currently trying to find a property that we wouldn’t be turned down with, but so far nothing (in a way not even the unapproved property) is meeting all of our needs. I guess we will keep looking.

Before Kris and I got together, she had me sign up for a Blockbuster Total Access account. At the time, it was basically Netflix with a much better deal, DVDs and video games for approximately $20 a month, plus free in store exchanges. They’re shutting down Total Access next month, so I cancelled my account and signed up for Gamefly. I’ve thought about Gamefly for years, but since I had Blockbuster, I had the best of Netflix and Gamefly, but since they shut down it makes a lot more sense. My Xbox One is pre-ordered and I should be getting it on the 22nd, so it makes sense to have Gamefly ready to go. Until I get it though, I’ve loaded it with 3 current gen titles that I want to play: The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, and WWE 2K14.

I’ve always loved wrestling. I think it’s because my grandmother and I used to watch it every Sunday when I was growing up. Sports games are something I could never really justify spending the money on though, the few wrestling games I did purchase in the past would get played for about a week, then I wouldn’t touch them at all. It’s a perfect rental game though.

Beyond Two Souls and Last of Us were two games I’ve been looking at for a while, but my PS3 has mainly sat there unused since I bought it last year. I did play Arkham City on it, but since I sent it back to Blockbuster, I haven’t touched it much. Infamous and Infamous 2 were not what I thought they’d be and I was planning on getting GTA 5 for it, but I bought a thumb drive and got it for my XBox instead. I don’t dislike Sony, I think it’s more that I’ve had my 360 for 7 years, I got it 3 months after launch and I am just used to playing everything on there. Plus the Achievements. I think with Gamefly I will be doing more Achievement whoring.

I need to write more. I also need to update a lot of things around the site. Many big plans, but no time or inspiration to do them. Maybe one day soon, maybe if we buy a house, the change of scenery would help inspire that, but who knows? I hope my next update won’t come 3 months from now, but I can’t make that promise. We will see I suppose.

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