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Nuketown Zombies Level 36 January 27th, 2013

As you can see I’ve been playing Black Ops 2 lately and while I haven’t touched the campaign or the regular multiplayer, I am loving what they did to Zombies in this game. This is the farthest Colin and I have gotten on Nuketown so after round 26 I started recording the game and uploaded it to Youtube. I figure from now on I can hopefully put more and more videos up here since the site is lacking updates recently. Hopefully I can figure out the audio to make our conversation come through. I plan on recording on Tuesday when the new map and game mode comes out as well, so maybe on Wednesday there will be a new video up as well.

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Halo Megabloks Rhino January 22nd, 2013

Kristen’s mom got me the Halo Megabloks Rhino tank for Christmas. Besides some missing pieces that I was able to get around my modifying the extra pieces that were in the box, building it went pretty smoothly.

Forerunner Megabloks Structure built in one day.
Day one I was able to build the scenery that came with it, a nice Forerunner tower, though the tower portion is held to the base by the middle blue rod. It’s a shame it doesn’t spin like some of the maps on Halo 2 though.

Wheels and top part of the tank done.
Day two I got the wheels and a lot of the top of the tank completed.

Top part of the tank along with a lot of the body is finished.
Day three the top of the gun was completed as was a large portion of the body. I was disappointed that I had discovered a piece was missing, so I gave up for the night.

Not giving up I finish the Rhino and put build pieces that I was missing with the spare parts in the box.
Day four I decided I was too close to finishing it to give up, so I finished what I could. I discovered that I was missing another piece. Once the Rhino was “complete” I had a lot of extra pieces leftover, so I made the missing pieces out of the spare parts I had.

An epic battle at a Forerunner Structure with a UNSC Rhino.
Here it is all put together.

I have a Wraith that I will eventually start on. Some people might say 28 years old is too old to be building these things, but it is fun. Plus they make cool collectibles, and will go really nice with my Master Chief helmet once I get that displayed with them. Once the Wraith is together, I think I’d like to get a Warthog, an Elephant, and eventually the Forward Unto Dawn sets. Forward Unto Dawn is the biggest set and the most expensive, so thatwill be one of the last ones I get. I also doubt I have room for it right now.

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New Year 2013 January 1st, 2013

Every year it seems most of us say that this year will be different, this year I will do this, this, and this differently, but then, weeks, if not days, shit if not even hours later they break these promises and nothing changes at all. I admit that I am one of these offenders, not this year, yet, because I have found a secret. What is my secret you ask? I’m always angry. Wait no, that’s Bruce Banner’s secret. My secret is this, don’t make New Year’s resolutions, they’re stupid.

Everyday you wake up is a new chance, waiting for the new year is just a way to put off something that you really do not want to do in the first place, so why lie to yourself and say you will do something you don’t really want? Think about it, if it was something you actually wanted and was somewhat feasible, then you would already be working toward your goal, would you not? If you really wanted to do something you’d have a goal and be working on it from that moment, not waiting for a specific date on the calendar.

If you really want to make a difference then just do something, whether you are reading this on January 1st or September 2nd, now is the time to start changing your life/habits/diaper there is no reason to wait until some date to do that, especially if it actually is a diaper you are changing.

I do have goals that I set for myself, but I don’t see them as resolutions, as they are more along the lines of goals that aren’t resolutions, I set them back in December and i was working on them, but I am on a vacation at the moment so some of them are on hold, but once I get back to my computers in Delaware they will be resumed.

So resolutions or not, Happy New Year to you and yours, make it a good one regardless of goals, successes, or failures!

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