The New Man in Charge Review Friday, August 6th, 2010 at 6:19 pm
Written by: leprakhauns

The Lost epilogue was leaked online and I was fortunate enough to see it. In it, it answered some questions that a lot of people have been asking about since the very early seasons of Lost, including the Hurley Bird, Room 23, DHARMA food drops, why women can’t give birth on the island, the polar bears, the Hurley Bird, and probably most importantly, Walt.

It starts out at the DHARMA warehouse with two DHARMA workers loading palettes to get ready to go to the island. Ben shows up and shuts them down. In a moment that reminded me of the whining fans of the show during the final season, one of the DHARMA workers tells Ben that they demand answers, to which Ben lets them ask one question each. The first question is where the food is being sent, to which Ben says an island, the second question is why are there polar bears on a tropical island, to which Ben takes out a DVD and puts in the Hydra Station Initiation video.

The video has Pierre Chang explaining that the Hurley Bird is a genetically altered bird, the polar bears would be sent to the Orchid after they pass the advanced tests, but only if they aren’t pregnant because the amount of electromagnetic energy would be disastrous to the mother and child. It then goes to Room 23 and explain that it is a mind erasing room.

After the video is done, Ben leaves and goes to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Hospital, where Walt is playing Connect 4 by himself (though this could be like an earlier scene where Hurley was playing chess with the dead Mr. Eko). Ben apologizes for kidnapping him, but he needs to go with him to help his father. Walt reluctantly agrees and he goes with Ben out to a DHARMA van. After they get in, a voice from behind tells him it’s good to see him, the voice is Hurley. The epilogue ends with Hurley telling Walt that they have work to do and it’s time to go home.

This is an awesome piece of Lost that wouldn’t fit in the final season. It’s also ambiguous enough to be the beginning of something new and could essentially lead to a whole new series, if they wanted it, but it also gives closure to the characters we have grown to love over the years. This is a 10 for all fans of Lost, and if you were disappointed by the finale for the lack of answers, this definitely won’t disappoint.

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