The Wall that Became the Table Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 at 11:01 am
Written by: leprakhauns

Here we are 14 days into 2015 and it’s surreal. I swear I blogged just the other day. It feels like New Years was just yesterday and that Colin just left. Time just seems to be going by so fast lately.

While Colin was here we took down a half wall and moved part of another wall over so that we could put up a railing for the basement stairs. We also disconnected the kitchenette sink and water lines because it wasn’t being used. As the pipe was being cut, it snapped where it shouldn’t have so we had to turn the water off for the whole house as we went back to Home Depot to get a new pipe. We got rid of the half wall because it didn’t make much sense, there was wasted space and when we took down the wall behind the stairs that was previously inaccessible, we found a suitcase, a foam mattress, and just a bunch of scrap materials.



Right now the railing is only temporary since we haven’t finished the wall yet and probably won’t until we figure out what we’re doing with the basement, also since with the pipe breaking, we forgot to measure what dimensions we needed for the railing.


Since only part of the wall was put back up, there was a lot of left over wood. I salvaged what I could.


I then decided to make a table to use for things like craft projects, building models, etc.



I’m currently building a Master Chief model that Kris got me and after that I will be putting together a Back to the Future Lego Delorean that her mom got me for Christmas. For some reason everyone was surprised that I was able to build a table out of the spare wood, so now we’re coming up with plans for other furniture that can be built, I think for the next thing I build is going to be a table for behind the fireplace in the den that can house the controllers, and remotes for the television and the other electronics. I need to plan how I want to do it and come up with a plan then go buy the wood, but I won’t be starting on that until I finish some other things around the house.

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Hey, I am the creator of LepsLair and we have a lot of great things coming up. I am hoping to have a huge new section that will show a peak of where we are going live soon.

4 Comments to “The Wall that Became the Table”

  1. That’s a lot of work! It reminds me we have to fix our flooding problem in the basement and redo the walls… ugh. Walls are such a drag to fix! Looks like your project is going well!

  2. Angelica says:

    I wish I were able to build stuff. I’m a horrible handy person lol. I’m trying to understand… you took down a wall and found all that stuff behind it? I was like, “YEAH!! HIDDEN TREASURE!!” But, would be silly that I got that excited if you hadn’t found it hidden lol.

    Anyway, it’s kind of cool to see the stuff you’re working on. Someday I will have a home and it’s neat to see what you’re doing and how you’re getting there. So please keep sharing this stuff!!!

  3. Nancy says:

    It sounds like a lot of work have been put into the house lately! Finding a foam mattress behind the stair’s walls must be interesting.. If only there were some fine jewelry stuck in there too!

    It shouldn’t be a surprise that you could make a table out of spare wood; if you can build little figurines, you can build a table!

  4. Agent Q says:

    That’s an interesting transformation. What a promising development! I look forward to seeing how the rest goes.

    I’m always cautious of messing with the walls, since [from what I understand] walls are essentially layers that secure the foundation of the buildings…assuming we’re not dealing with thin walls?

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