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Alan Rickman Died January 17th, 2016

Alan Rickman died earlier this week, but unlike a lot of people he wasn’t Snape to me, or Hans Gruber, he was Metatron. I’ve seen him in Robin Hood Men in Tights, Die Hard, heard him on King of the Hill, but the first time I remember him distinctly is from Dogma. I always hoped that we’d see him in the View Askewniverse again in some way, like how we saw Alanis Morissette as God at the end of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, but that is obviously never going to happen now.

I know a lot of people love him in Harry Potter and would probably question how I don’t associate him with that role more than anything, but the truth is, I never saw any Harry Potter movieand I have never read any of the books. I’ve wanted to, don’t get me wrong. Kris and I were even thinking about signing up for Kindle Unlimited since the books are part of that and we could read them for free. As for the movies, Like I said, I’ve never seen them, I’ve wanted to, but I never saw them on streaming, so I am going to have to buy them and watch them, maybe sometime this week.

As weird as this sounds, since he died, I’ve been dying to see Harry Potter more and more since everyone keeps posting memes and saying how much they loved him in it. When Robin Williams died I couldn’t watch any movie with him in it, I still can’t. Up until that point I was watching Good Will Hunting at least once a year, but now the thought of watching any Robin Williams movie makes me want to tear up and I haven’t been able to bring myself to hit play.

It really says something about the person when their death affects you. Even though you never met them, their life means something to the point where their death changes you in some way.

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Why Is It So Wet? January 12th, 2016

Since we bought this house we have had an issue with water. When we moved the wall a pipe broke, our washing machine was leaking water a few times before we replaced it, the discharge pipe for the air conditioner was filled with crap and overflowed, the sewer pump in the basement was clogged with a rag and overflowed, and most recently our master bathroom flooded.

The last week I’ve been dealing with a flooding bathroom. The most frustrating thing about this particular leak is that we couldn’t find where it was coming from. It appeared like it was coming from under the toilet, a toilet that we put in less than a year ago, so I put food coloring in the tank and bowl to make sure that was the case. That was not the case, the water was clear. Since it was clear I started feeling everything, the bolts on the toilet were dry, the incoming line on the toilet was dry, plus the other side that was stopped up was dry. The way everything was pooling next to the wall and under the toilet, I thought it might be coming from the shower in the other bathroom, finally I found that the shut off was loose and tightened that.

It was fine for a day or two and then it started flooding again. This time I found it to be coming from a bolt under the tank, the same one that was dry last time. It’s been a few days and so far it’s been dry so I am pretty sure anything that has been leaking on the toilet is fixed.

For now I am just waiting for the next water issue to come up again.

3 leprakhauns running around

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