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Anticipating February 28th January 26th, 2014

We kind of took a step backwards with the house. We are back in the negotiation stage, but it is the last one. We had to renegotiate the price due to the appraisal and inspection. That should be taken care of on Monday though. Once all that is settled, we send it to the bank and get the loan closing date. The loan is fine though and can be done as a regular FHA mortgage with no repairs required for the loan.  Not having any repairs being required is great which means we can fix things on our terms and when we want to.

Of course we will take care of the major issues as soon as we can, but instead of replacing the whole roof within 6 months, we may just patch it, then put a new roof sometime in the Fall. The first thing we’ll be doing is sealing an unsealed sewer pipe to prevent sewer gases from getting into the basement and replacing a rotted out door. Eventually we’ll be fencing in the yard and putting up a pool too. There’s a lot we’ll be doing, but with a 6 bedroom house that we will be in for 30+ years, we have time to figure it all out.

In reality, we could close weeks before February 28th, but the sellers need time to get out. They said if they get out before then we could close sooner. Once we have the official approval from the bank, I think that is when we will start packing up. We have a pre-approval and pre-qualification right now, so I guess at this point they just need to make sure all of our ducks are in a row and get the final paperwork signed so that we can close. It should be an interesting few weeks, but in realty it should be pretty boring. I used to do some work for a mortgage broker in New York and once the signatures are there, I don’t remember him ever having to interact with the people again until closing. So once we have the price finalized and can get the bank the paperwork, we shouldn’t hear much except that we’re approved.

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Got the Appraisal Done January 23rd, 2014

The appraisal on the house was done on Tuesday morning before the big snowstorm hit. Hopefully by Friday we will have the appraisal, the list of things they will want done, and an estimate of what it will cost. Then we can crunch the numbers and see if we can even swing it, but I don’t imagine it is going to be that bad. There’s a lot of cosmetic things, like a broken window in the basement that is boarded up along with some things in the basement that were done by the previous homeowners that aren’t up to code, but they work. The most expensive fix is going to be putting a new roof on the house and while that is a major fix, it’s a common one and might not even be as big of a deal as we think since it could still be the original roof, a new one could be laid right on top of it.

In the new house Kris and I will have our own separate offices. Mine will be in the basement and will double as a man cave. She already has her office all planned out, color scheme, desk she wants to build, everything. I can’t even figure out what I want to do with mine. I am thinking of sound proofing it as much as possible so I can blast music, scream, record videos, etc without bothering her or anyone else who happens to be over. Other than sound dampening the room I am stuck. Maybe when I am absolutely sure we have the house, then I would be able to focus and figure all that stuff out, but I am not sure.

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The Waiting Game January 16th, 2014

So I started looking up all the games coming out this year for the Xbox One. I didn’t realize that there were so many that I want to play,  there’s Titanfall, Watch Dogs, the new Halo, The Division, Metal Gear Solid 5, Project Spark, Elder Scrolls Online, Quantum Break, Tomb Raider, not to mention the games not announced yet, like the much rumored GTA5 for Xbox One, and a new Call of Duty, plus games I’d love to get from Gamefly that came out last year, like Assassin’s Creed 4, Need for Speed Rivals, and NBA 2k14. It’s a lot to play and I don’t remember the 360 having this many games within 12 months from launch. I am not complaining, but I don’t see how I will have time to play all these games, work, and have a new house to take care of.

I really should explore some areas like getting Ritalin again to see if I could focus. I used to be on it as a teenager, but I have been off of it for so long I don’t even know if it is a good choice for me.  I’m not even sure who I would go to for a prescription since I don’t have a primary doctor and it takes months to get an appointment for anything in this damn state. I don’t think I can go to the hospital with a concentration emergency. “Help me doctor, I have a deadline and a game I need to play, I need me some Ritalin, STAT”, I think they’d call the police on me for being a drug dealer, or put me in the psych ward. Either way it wouldn’t be good. I was thinking about getting Onnit’s Alphabrain, but each bottle gives you 30 pills and you need to take 3 a day. A 10 day supply for $35 is a bit much.

I am saying that we have a house, but really that is just hopeful thinking. They ordered the appraisal on Friday and as of Wednesday have not scheduled it yet. Everyone is getting anxious at this point, we need to know what to tell the sellers, the selling agent is calling our agent almost everyday and my agent is talking to the bank directly trying to find out what is taking so long. It is a very stressful process, I mean getting any other type of loan takes less time, usually under 24 hours, but this type of loan is going to take 60 days minimum. The worst part is that I am not sure if that is 60 days including the wait for the appraisal, or 60 days after the appraisal is done and all the final negotiations are done. Right now with the house, just like the games, it’s a waiting game and I can’t do anything else.

I wish I could just move in and get started on some of the repairs and stuff that is not required by a licensed contractor. Being able to go shopping for furniture or supplies, just to be able to do something to be moving forward. It feels like nothing is getting done and that we’re moving at too slow of a pace for my liking. It really sucks when you’re anticipating something and you can’t do anything to speed up the process.

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