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I’m Sick of our Current Political Policies August 12th, 2011

It’s been a while since I last wrote, honestly I think the only reason I am writing now is because I am sitting on the train to Manhattan. These last few months have been good, though uneventful. Besides work and Black Ops there’s not much going on.

As I watch the news lately, I see that my opinions have been wrong in the past. The state that this country is in is ridiculous. Both parties just seem like they want to help America, which I believe they do, but I think that the way they are going about it is all wrong. We can easily get more money for the programs we need with some simple common sense modifications, like drug testing for welfare, not providing any support for people who enter this country and stay here illegally, legalizing marijuana, and a lot of other things. For some reason our politicians can’t see these simple things that can be done. Maybe when you have that much power you have to see things as black and white.  Obama promised change, he has been able to deliver on some, I guess it was too much to hope for so. Much from someone who falls in the category of our two political parties, we still need change, but its change from the current system.

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Not A Love Story – Theatrical Trailer August 8th, 2011

In the summer of 2008, an aspiring actress was doing rounds of the Mumbai film industry. In the course of her efforts, she met a man who lent her a helping hand.

She got into a relationship with this man, unknown to her boyfriend. And one fateful morning, her boyfriend landed up when she was with that man in her apartment. All hell broke loose and what followed after that, SHOOK AN ENTIRE NATION.

“Not A Love Story” releases on 19th August 2011. Directed by Ram Gopal Varma. For more videos visit

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