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Red Faction Armageddon – Protect the Faction Gameplay HD April 25th, 2011

Use the Exo Suit to provide cover for your Faction buddies on the surface.

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Collier Curse April 23rd, 2011

It seems like every few years someone I know dies. It started with my grandmother and ever since her death I’ve lost friends, teachers, and family members every few years. This week a friend from high school, Diedre Banovich died in a housefire. I’ve been really shook up the last few days and have gravitated toward people who knew her and reconnected with some that I haven’t really spoken to a lot lately.

It sucks that when you grow up you also grow apart from people who you were close to when you were younger. People I consider brothers I barely talk to anymore, but this week I have been trying to talk to them on XBox and on the phone due to this. Bob asked me if thought this was the Collier Curse or if this is something everyone our age goes through, losing good people in your life and eventually it stops for a while. For those who don’t know the Collier Curse is something that Collier High School students claim happens when kids leave the school. I have to admit thatsome weird and awful stuff has happened to a lot of us, though we seem to grow together and be a family years after we graduate high school, which I think is unique for a school of any kind to do. Maybe it is the universe’s way of telling us that no matter what this will be a part of your life and make up who you are, or maybe it is all just a huge coincidence. Either way I just know that it sucks and that these bad things shouldn’t be happening to such good people.

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SEO Sucks April 18th, 2011

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been going through and trying to make my site more SEO friendly. I will be the first to admit that when I started this site years ago, I had no idea what SEO was and I just built it with bad SEO on top of bad SEO. Now I am going through, trying to change things and better optimize things for search engines. It’s a pain though since I have to go through each section and try and come up with unique content for things like the the gallery images and whatnot. I think I am getting a good handle on things though, it is just going to take a while to redo a lot of these pages and sections.

SEO isn’t the only thing I am working on though, I have a big marketing strategy for the fanlistings that I did last year, so hopefully the strategy pays off again, if it does as well this time then I will continue the strategy on a more consistent basis. I am actually not expecting things to be AS good since I am tweaking it a bit, but if it does even half as well, then I am definitely going to continue it.

I am also looking at a spider work its way through the site to create a sitemap for me. Last night it stalled when I tried to stop it, but today if I just let it go by itself I think it will be fine, it just might take a few more hours to complete.

So I know I have been talking about work, a lot, but since I have had a bit of a break today as far as what needs to be completed goes, I decided to just work on a few clients and while I was waiting on them to get back to me, I would work on my site. It’s not going to be this easy the rest of the week though, tomorrow I am heading into the city to hopefully be up with phase one of this big project that has been on and off since September.

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