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Arcade is Up March 28th, 2010

When I put up a member system a few months ago I wanted it to be custom so I could add things in as I wanted to. It’s not that I wouldn’t love to have Social Engine, because I believe Social Engine is the best script out there for a member’s system, but I don’t have $250 for a license, so I decided to write my own. Up until this point members could only write in the custom forum, and update their info. With this arcade script, users can now play games and set up tournaments to compete against their friends.

I should also point out that the arcade has a profile page. This is not the final profile page, once I create one, it will replace this. If you have any games that you’d like to see added, let me know and I will see what I can do. There are thousands of games I can get, this is just the beginning.

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This is a Big Fucking Deal March 23rd, 2010

President Obama signed healthcare reform into law this afternoon. While it isn’t the best bill that we could have gotten, it is much better than we currently have. I know a lot of people are upset that it doesn’t include everything that Obama talked about when he was campaigning, such as giving everyone the same healthcare that he himself had as a Senator, but unfortunately there were people who stood in the way of change and for the most part those people are called Republicans. Unfortunately it seems that killing these people is illegal, so if you do not want them to mess up what you want and what you think your government should give you, then please vote them out of office.

Seriously though, by 2014 if you do not have medicaid or health insurance of some kind then you will be fined for it. I have been without health insurance for a few years now and I have to say it is a pain in the ass. I am hoping that since I have done my taxes this week and with this new health reform going into affect this year, then I can go ahead and get myself either medicaid or health insurance. There are some things that I’d like to take care of that I can’t without having insurance, like getting medicine for my ADD, going to the doctor when I am sick, and eventually when I can figure out how dental will change, finishing this root canal that was started a few years ago.

Before the bill was signed, Vice President Biden was caught saying that “this is a big fucking deal” and the news stations are really upset that the Vice President would put it like that, but really when you think about it, are there any words that sum it up better than “this is a big fucking deal”? I can’t think of any.

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Happy St Patrick’s Day 2010 March 17th, 2010

Today is St Patrick’s Day. Being Irish, this is one day I am especially proud to call myself as such. I don’t plan on getting completely shit faced which is the tradition for most Irish people, but I am having a beer and probably will enjoy a few more after I wake up (not for breakfast of course).

I haven’t written in a week because I was finishing up two big clients and getting started on something semi big for a new client. While looking and getting these clients is always great, I am looking for something semi permanent, so I don’t need to worry about how I will pay the bills.

Speaking of bills, I tried to sit down and do the online free Turbo Tax software so I could pay my taxes and have that over with and the site completely messed up. What is the point of having a save button if you click it and it doesn’t save, just send you out of the system? I think I will try again to pay my taxes tomorrow or Friday, hopefully.

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