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I got Fucked with CrushDollars September 27th, 2009

I haven’t blogged in a while, I am now 25. It really is no different than being 24, my car insurance hasn’t dropped, though I am planning a trip to Atlantic City for Krissy’s birthday.

This passed weekend I was screwed over by Troy Smith, the owner of sites like, and He decided to not pay anyone for the work they were doing and just up and left. I am working on getting in contact with everyone who he screwed over and telling them what he did. I am also looking into filing charges against him and his girlfriend Nina Bronson since he paid me and a bunch of others via Paypal and then did chargebacks on the card. I have already in contact with NameCheap, his biller, his webhost, and Paypal about what they are doing and I have the addresses for everything I need to have the court secure the documents needed that I might need to file charges against him. I can’t believe anyone would try and get away with multiple counts of grand larceny when I have his full name and address.

Other than getting screwed out of about $700, I have been playing a lot of Halo 3 multiplayer and Halo 3: ODST. I haven’t really played much of ODST yet, there’s something missing with it, so I haven’t done a review yet, but maybe soon.

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Member’s Features Live September 20th, 2009

Everyone go check out the new Forum. It is just the beginning of what I hope will become a very active member’s area. In order for it to take off though, it needs your support. So sign up and you will be part of the greatest up and coming site in existence. I promise. Yes it isn’t a full member’s area, but we all need to start somewhere right? I chose to start with a forum and will be working my way up to a full on member’s area with photo uploads and whatnot. It just takes time to program it all in you know?

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This is Why We Need Healthcare September 17th, 2009

I realize that I haven’t posted much, but there is good reason for that. On Thursday of last week I got a call from my mother telling me she was having emergency eye surgery. On Friday morning, Krissy and I pack up the car to drive down to NJ, where she was having the surgery. Well when we get there we find out that even though it is emergency surgery, and without it she will go blind, since she doesn’t have insurance they won’t touch her without a $3000 down payment. Well since she can’t afford that, and since it is ridiculous that they’d want that, she does what any person who is pissed off would do, she goes through the emergency room.

In New Jersey if you go through an ER they have to treat you no matter what. Only problem is that since she already was upstairs they won’t treat her, so they manage to work out a deal with the hospital higher ups and the doctor and get it down from $3000, to $1100. Still a lot of money, but a lot better than three grand.

Either way, it is things like this that is proof that we need an affordable healthcare system where we can walk in, get fixed what we need to get fixed and go home without paying ridiculous amounts of money. Now for those of you who say something like “why doesn’t she have insurance”, it is simple, she lost her and couldn’t afford to keep her health insurance because she has a few pre-existing conditions and it would cost her more than she makes on unemployment in order for her to have it.

For all of you who are against a public affordable option for health insurance, fuck off, you are probably rich, have never been without insurance and would probably drown in your own piss if you ever didn’t have money.

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