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But Wait, There’s More June 29th, 2009

I am shamelessly addicted to infomercials, I want everything from the New Wave Oven to the Shamwows. Usually if I do pick something up I do it from an As Seen on TV cart in the mall, or from Walgreens. My favorite television pitchman was Billy Mays, he was always so excited about everything he sold, it made me want it that much more.

With all the deaths in recent weeks, this one probably hurts the most, seeing as how I hated Michael Jackson’s music, wasn’t a fan of Charlie’s Angels, and never won a million dollars, but Billy Mays I saw everyday on my television, and he made me want so many different products. Rest in Peace Billy, hope you get a great deal, because you gave others so many others a good deal.

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Social Media In, Traditional Media Out June 28th, 2009

Michael Jackson died this week. Now personally I didn’t really like his music, and I think the best thing he ever did was the Thriller music video, but that isn’t important. What is important is the way I found out Michael Jackson died. I knew he went into the hospital from CNN, but when I was on Twitter I kept seeing RIP MJ trends, so I looked into it and TMZ was reporting that he had died. CNN wasn’t even reporting it. It’s amazing that blogs and social media are traveling faster than the news can.

Will we ever get to the point where the news will be useless all together? I believe so. In Iran journalists are banned from recording the abuse going on, meanwhile people with cellphone cameras are recording the things going on. If it weren’t for these ordinary citizens then the world would have no idea. Social media is still a relatively new concept that only emerged in the last few years, but with sites like Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and so many others out there, I think that the future of the media is the people. Cellphones are getting higher resolution everyday, and I think the higher resolution they get, it will only lead to the more people who will use it to show the world around them.

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FFMPEG Install? June 20th, 2009

I am trying to install FFMPEG and a whole bunch of other stuff on my server, but so far it isn’t working. Hopefully I get it figured out soon. As of right now I am removing everythign I just did and I’m going to try another tutorial either tonight or tomorrow. I need a good three hours to try and do this it seems, so I will probably try again tomorrow.

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