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PSP Redesign is True? May 31st, 2009


It looks like one of the E3 predictions that I wrote about the other day is true. Above are pictures of the alleged new redesign of the PSP. I don’t have a PSP, but I have played it and I don’t really see a point of a redesign without a second thumb stick, but maybe that is just me.

Also below are pictures of what are allegedly the boxes for the new PSP and the redesign of the PS3. As of right now though, the PS3 redesign is still just a rumor, but with E3 being one day away, anything is possible.


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Accepted May 27th, 2009

I got an email today that totally threw me off guard. Apparently I was accepted to NYIT, but I wasn’t expecting to receive an email about it since every other time I was accepted to a school it came in the mail. I guess it is a technology school for a reason. Now I just need to figure out how to afford tuition and all the fees that come along with it.

You might expect more videos from here on out, I got my video camera working again. I went to the fireworks show over the weekend and I took my camcorder out of retirement only to find that it wasn’t working. I bought some head cleaner for it and it finally came today and it fixed the problems I was having.

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We Got Cable May 21st, 2009

So we finally got cable. They came today and hooked it up. We have an HD-DVR in the bedroom hooked up to my 32 inch high definition television. It’s pretty sweet.

Besides cable, nothing much is new. Been working for clients, finished up a bunch of stuff, and have finally gained some free time, but I have been playing video games with it rather than working on anything personal. I know I have to work on the design and some new pages for prices before all my clients disappear, but when you are working so much, any break away from the computer to do what you enjoy, is a much appreciated break.

We do have a new Guy of the Moment, and that might be the last one for a while. I have one contestant all set for Girl of the Moment, and I have been putting it on Twitter, so if I get enough interest, then that will start soon. I will also be slowly making more time for the site, if you follow me on Twitter, or have looked at my what I want to do, then you will have an idea of what might be coming at some point.

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