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Fucking Eggs April 26th, 2009

We were out at a barbeque at Alicia and Dave’s yesterday. As we are leaving about 1:30AM, we get to the car and find eggs on it. We called the police and filed a report. Of course nothing is ever going to come of it though, it was probably some stoned teenagers running around throwing eggs at random cars, probably the same one who was lighting off fireworks that we heard earlier in the night.

It took a good hour in 90 degree heat today to clean the car, and it still isn’t spotless. The worse part was one of my windows was cracked so it wasn’t an oven when we got back in there and an egg was forced in one side onto the passenger side of the car, so I had to clean the intererior too, which was a bitch.

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Girl of the Moment Left 4 Dead April 22nd, 2009

We have a new Girl of the Moment. I am really excited because this time, we got over 2000 combined votes. In fact first and second place alone were well over 1000 votes each. I wish I could gain that much attention to the site when I am not running some sort of contest, but I digress. We are still accepting entries in the Guy of the Moment Contest, so if your a guy, or you know a guy, sign him up.

In other news I downloaded the Left 4 Dead Survival pack yesterday. It is fun, but I wish Microsoft would allow Achievements to free content. Either way, it is a lot of fun, I just wish they would add all new campaign modes. It might be interesting to see a school, or football stadium full of zombies you must get by.

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Texas, We’ll Fucking Kill You April 16th, 2009

Not everything in Texas is dumb, afterall they do have an express lane, but in recent weeks Texas has been saying that they want to secede from the Union. Now this isn’t the first time in American history that a state has tried to do this. Back in the 1800’s South Carolina tried to secede, and we had a war, we kicked the south’s ass and everyone came back together.

Now Texas, who if it weren’t for them we wouldn’t have ever had George W. Bush, wants to secede from the Union. If it weren’t for the fact that they are mainly to blame for getting us into this mess, and now they want to just run away because they don’t like the way things are being run, I wouldn’t care. I can say that if Texas does actually try to leave, we will kick their asses. We will surround their pathetic state with tanks and take every person out if we need to. We will kill everyone in Texas if necessary.

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