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Girl of the Moment Voting December 26th, 2008

You can now vote for who you think should be Girl of the Moment. Voting will be underway until January 2nd, at which time the winner will be announced right here. Go and vote and tell your friends. Remember if you don’t like any of the choices you can always go ahead and suggest other girls to sign up for the next contest.

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Merry Christmas 2008 December 23rd, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

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BJ’s Can Be Deadly December 17th, 2008

We all know what a blow job is. Most men love getting them and a lot of women love to please their men. Everyday men enjoy this simple act, but did you know that a blow job can get you into a lot of trouble? Of course having a woman going down on you can get you in trouble if it isn’t your wife or girlfriend, or if she is someone else’s wife or girlfriend, but I am talking bigger trouble.

Imagine if you will you are a powerful leader and during your time in office you are attacked by a mad genius. Now instead of retaliating against that person, you, for no reason at all, decide that you need to go invade a country that you and everyone else knows had nothing to do with the person who orchestrated the attack on your people. You find and kill the leader of that country, meanwhile you do not go and find the person who attacked you first, you even say that you do not think about him much. Now wouldn’t you think that there would be some kind of repercussions to your actions?

Now imagine that the man you succeeded received a blow job from someone who wasn’t his wife and then lied about it. If you got away with all that, then surely they would have gotten a way with a little white lie and infidelity right?

Does this story sound familiar? What are we going to do, let the President, current and future, invade countries that they have no reason being in, but if he were to get a blow job then we send him to a firing squad? Is a blow job really worse than millions of innocent people dying?

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