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TGP Lovers October 30th, 2008

Warning: If you are under 18 please ignore this post.

I finally got the TGP Fanlisting up. A TGP is a Thumbnail Gallery Post, which is basically a bunch of pictures or videos put together for the sake of advertising the site’s sponsors. I am actually a huge fan of them because they almost always contain something fascinating that I might otherwise miss. Maybe one day I might have my own on this site, but that day is a long way away. I actually wanted to get this up before I started working on some other pretty big sections I have in mind, I just need to pick up some DVDs that recently came out first.

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My Car Costs Money October 24th, 2008

Lucy and her dad did the brakes on my car a few weeks ago. I don’t get to drive my car much since Krissy takes it to work everyday, but when I do drive it, I must say that it is a lot better than it has been the last few months. I’ve put a lot of money into my car and I don’t know much about them, so when I have a chance to learn about them by either doing something myself or reading up on it online, I try and understand it as best as I can, so maybe next time I can fix something myself, or at least have a better understanding of what is wrong.

I’ve spent a lot of money on my car, it isn’t really like the car is dying, but it has been getting expensive. First I needed an Air conditioning compressor. I know that doesn’t sound bad, but when you are driving around in 90 degree weather in a resort town and traffic isn’t moving, you get to the point where you want to sell your soul for some relief. The A/C I could have lived without, and I did for a while, but then it started affecting other parts of the car, so I had to get it fixed.

About six months ago I needed tires and an oil change, which afterwards they told me my serpentine belt and waterpump needed to be replaced. I waited until we came up to New York and they both died on me to get them replaced for $500 less than I was quotes in Delaware. Then about a week after they got fixed I needed a radiator. After that I needed a brake job and another oil change. It is mainly maintenance work, so I am hoping that I won’t need all this done in a short amount of time again for a long time.

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Our First Black President? October 24th, 2008

I didn’t think that in this day and age a black man could be president. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that he is the best person for the job. In fact I believe that if he has Hillary Clinton, or even Bill Clinton in his cabinet, that he could very well be the best President we’ve ever had. How bad is the country, when even the Ku Klux Klan endorsed him to be President?

Now I realize that people are coming out and saying he is a Socialist and that isn’t what we want for this country since we are a Democracy, to the people who say that, I say, you don’t understand shit so stay home on election day and keep your ignorant opinions out of the polls. Socialism is what we need, in certain aspects. We all have seen in the past few weeks, months, and years that Capitalism has failed. If you aren’t rich, there’s a slim possibility that you will ever get rich, and if you are poor and have no healthcare then you are out of luck.

Socialism works, Socialized medicine is something that we are missing. Cuba has it, Canada has it, almost every country in Europe has it, but for some reason we don’t, we tend to think that if we adopt Socialized ways of life that we will somehow lose our freedom. Tell me something, if people don’t like Socialism, does that mean they don’t like the US Postal Service? That is a Socialist idea. So is Social Security. Quick you better stop paying into it, after all you don’t want to support Socialism right?

No one is saying that we want something for free, or that we want the Government in our everyday lives, but we do want the very basic things that we need to survive as citizens of this or any other country, and that is Healthcare.

Why should an insurance company make profit because you want to be okay in case you need surgery? Why should a company tell you that you can have the surgery, but they aren’t going to pay for it, even though you’ve been paying them for years? People love this capitalism so much, but no one sees that capitalism is taking people’s lives.

I’ve heard people say that Obama shouldn’t be president because he is going to give so much more to black people than he will white people. People look at him and see a black man, yet they forget that his mother was white, and people seem so quick to make the assumption that he will only help black people. What is he going to give to them that he isn’t going to give to all Americans? How do you give one race something that you don’t give to all Americans? He has said that anyone who makes over 100,000 dollars a year will be paying more taxes, I didn’t hear him say that it was going to exclude black people making over that amount, or that black people making under that amount will be getting the tax breaks, because he can’t say, nor can he do that. I know someone who even suggested that he would tax people who make over 100,000 dollars because most of them are white and by doing that it would benefit the majority of black people, which I find the dumbest statement of all, mainly because the person who said this makes no where near that much a year, and I surely don’t make that much, so there’s two white Americans who would benefit from that.

Obama has said that we are the change that we’ve been waiting for, and I honestly believe that he will make a lot of decisions that won’t make a lot of Capitalist money hungry CEO’s happy, and I think that is a good thing.

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