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A Truley Historic Year August 29th, 2008

John McCain announced his vice president today. The Republican presumptive nominee for Vice President is Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. I have said a lot of things about John McCain, and I said that if he wanted to be President then he would need to shake things up. Honestly I thought that he would be picking Joe Lieberman, but he did something that I did not see coming, picking a female Vice President Candidate who has the same amount of experience as his rival Barrack Obama.

I am simply saying that as a government official she has the same amount of experience, of course she has more life experience and experience in general. When you compare a father of five children, one of which has down syndrome, to a woman with the same experience, a woman 9 out of 10 times will have more experience. A mother is always much more influential in a child’s life than a father, so saying that Palin has less than or equal experience to Obama would be ridiculous. She has much more life experience than Obama, she has brought reform to Alaska and might bring reform to Washington if McCain is elected President.

Hillary Clinton ended her historic bid for the White House months ago, which made another important historic leap forward, having an African American on a major party’s ticket. Today history was made again when Sarah Palin was put into the nomination as the potential Vice President of the United States of America. It will be interesting to see if Obama and his stories of his mother and grandmother raising him, along with the strides that his wife has overcome will be able to win over and keep the female vote. Of course the issues are of major importance, Palin is pro-life whereas Obama is pro-choice. If elected it is almost certain that McCain and Palin would overturn Roe Vs Wade, where Obama would hold the ruling down as is and maybe modify it to be better.

Honestly I think that the election that was all about change is going to come down to a woman’s right to choose, and if it is harder to be a woman or a black man in America today. Obviosuly I am neither an African American or a woman, but one thing that has always confused me about women’s rights was how can a woman really be against her right to choose? That is part of women’s rights, I would think, the fact the fact that as a woman you have the right to have a baby or not have a baby, for whatever the reason. It is a part of you, it is part of who you are and if you feel that you cannot handle it, if you feel that it isn’t right or the right time, then they should have the right to choose to keep it or not.

The debates will also be something of interest. Up until this point McCain has said Obama does not have the qualifications, meanwhile he will be head to head with him in the debate, and McCain’s counterpart who has the same amount of time in office will be up against his Joe Biden. Obviously Sarah Palin has a lot less time to get prepared for the debates, seeing as how Obama has already been through numerous debates in the primary season, but I think it will be to see how these newbies, per say, will stand up to the people who have been doing it for over thirty years.

No matter what the outcome is in November, we are facing a historic landmark in time come January. And even though Sarah Palin could only be the Vice President, there is a very real possibility that because of McCain’s age, he wins, he could die in the office, which would then set another historic mark, the very first woman President this country has ever seen.

I am still behind Obama 100%, I agree with him on the social issues, and I believe that he can learn from the people around him how to be better at foreign policy. I have said in the past that I would leave the country if McCain wins, but I think McCain has proven today, based on his pick for the Vice President, that he too is looking for change and reform in America. I do not agree with everything he or Obama say, but I believe that we are at an exciting time in America, and that no matter which one wins, good things can happen.

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Just a Dream August 29th, 2008

I would love to have a supercharger in my car. I mean if I raced I realize that even with a supercharger wouldn’t give me so much power that I would beat a manual car, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. I don’t race my car now, it would be an embarrassment, I have paint chipping, and it isn’t the most powerful sounding engine. I think a supercharger might change that though. If I had the money I would not only drop a supercharger in the car, but I would get a new paint job, put in a sound system, get a high end alternator, and when I need it a new engine, maybe a V-8. Right now all I can do is dream, though.

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Obama is Ready to Fight August 29th, 2008

Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention has done things that Obama has not really done in the past. For one Obama laid out his plan for his four years in office, strengthening the economy, and the school system along with strengthening his plan for foreign affairs. It wasn’t just a broad overview in which he had done with Hillary Clinton, he actually had a point to point plan on how he was going to fund his programs, such as shutting down programs that don’t work or are no longer needed and redefining those that do to work more efficiently.

He also did something that he had not done in any commercial, he attacked McCain. I think this was a big step, but I am not sure it was the right direction for Obama. All along he was trying to run a clean campaign, but running a clean campaign against a man who was going to do everything he can to smear his name was not something that was going to work, so he called McCain out right then and there. He linked McCain to Bush and he even went as far as to say that McCain is ignorant as to what America wants and needs.

Obama definitely came out swinging in his speech, even going as far as saying that he is waiting for the debates so America can see how the two stand on important issues. Regarding the issues, Obama admitted that he may have different views than some people, like abortion, but that they should both agree that there should be a lot less unwanted pregnancies in the US.

I think that the DNC really got Obama’s campaign rolling, and if he found places for Bill and Hillary Clinton on his campaign and even quite possibly in his cabinet then he would win hands down. He picked Biden for a reason, he wanted a straight talker, someone who isn’t afraid to be common. Biden is that guy, and he can also be an attack dog. While Hillary has that experience, I do not believe that she would have provided the same role that Biden will provide.

Obama has to win in 2008, we have seen what Republicans do when in office, start wars in countries we do not belong in, and give tax cuts to the rich. Band together my fellow Democrats, and my fellow Americans, you do not have to be a Democrat to see how bad things are. Millions without health insurance, millions without jobs, fortune 500 companies getting richer because they outsource their work to save money. Eight years ago we entered the Millennium with what could only be called hope. Hope that in this millennium we would solve the energy crisis that has existed since the 1970’s, hope that we would be able to explore Mars, and hope to finally get affordable health care for all Americans. Eight years later we have $4.00 gas, Mars is still just as mysterious as it was back then and health care is something only the rich can afford.

America, we have a chance to make history here. For the first time in 232 years we have an African American who is the nominee of a major party in America. 2008 has already made history for having the first “minority fight” for a party’s ticket. We not only had a woman and African American fighting for their name on the Democratic ticket, but also a Mexican in the running as well. Different races, and different genders vying for the top name on the Democratic ticket, but do you want to know the thing that they all have in common? They all see a better America. One where you can be proud to live. One where you can afford to raise your family without working two or three jobs. One where you taking a day off of work to take care of your ill child or parent wouldn’t bring about you loosing your job. That sounds like an America that I would be proud to be in.

After 9/11 everyone had their patriotic hearts on their sleeves, you couldn’t mess with America without messing with all citizens. Everyone joined together to say we will not be terrorized. Seven years later and that is all but forgotten. We forgot who attacked us, so we do not stand up when the President invades another country. Did you know that after 9/11 Bush signed an order, and Republicans in Congress signed off on it too, that basically states that we can go to war with any country at anytime if we feel there is a threat there? It sounds kind of like Russia did to Georgia, only in both cases it would be illegal under the Geneva Convention. McCain would keep these ridiculous acts in law if elected. Do you really want to feel like patriots when America becomes the terrorist nation under Bush and McCain?

Barrack Obama is ready to lead us into a better tomorrow, one without terrorizing other nations, one with new ideas and new ways of doing things. No longer will we have to suffer under a war monger. I know I am not alone in this, and I know that people should no longer stand idly by as things get worse. If you aren’t part of the solution then you are part of the problem and should be held just as accountable as Bush and Cheney and the Repubicans in Congress!

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