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So Many Bathroom Vanities July 31st, 2008

Krissy has been obsessing over bathroom vanities lately. It is probably because the bathrooms at her father’s place are falling apart, her sister put her hip through one of the walls and the other one needs to be retiled, it was worse, but it has been fixed to the point where it just needs a tub and the stuff around the tub, like Bath Fitter offers. Anyway she has been looking at bathroom vanities for some reason and I don’t even know why considering there is a new vanity in there, I think she is just as shocked as I am that there so many different styles and different purposes. Maybe one day I will understand what all those purposes are, I mean some of the stuff that are specifically designed for women just plain confuses me.

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I like Wireless? July 31st, 2008

So I finally went out and bought a keyboard and mouse for the Mac. I got tired of using the tiny ones that came with it, so I went to Office Max and bought a set that was wireless and only $40. Now if you have ever talked to me, I hate wireless, mainly because I don’t want to switch out the batteries. I guess something changed in me, much like it did when I first got the 360 and had the wireless controller, I actually enjoy it now. I also seem more productive with a mouse and keyboard I am more comfortable with.

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Living the Dream July 31st, 2008

My dream job would basically be what I am doing now, just sitting in front of my computer, programming sites and making money. Of course where the dream job comes in is the amount of money I make, I would like it to be more than I currently make, but I guess that is why it is called a dream job right? I mean right now I am making a decent amount of money, but there is always the potential of more money, and despite what Diddy, or Puffy, or whatever he is going by this week says, more money doesn’t equal more problems. Now if only I can figure out how to make more money while doing less work than I do now, now that would be my true dream job.

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