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Skin Care February 29th, 2008

Krissy has been bugging me since we’ve been together that I have horrible skin. I can’t say that I disagree with her, but that stuff never seemed important to me before. The only time that I really use lotion on my skin is when it is cold out and I get what can only be described as freezer burn on my knuckles. I guess I really should take better care of my skin, especially my ankles and elbows, I could sand wood with how rough they are. I have bookmarked a Skin care website that has advice on how to get the best skin in any weather. If you need skin care advice, especially if you are a guy with bad skin, then you might want to take a look and maybe bookmark it for yourself.

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Monday is the Season Finale February 29th, 2008

Monday is the season finale of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I really like the show and I hope that they bring it back for another season. I mean the show can be a little slow at times, but there is something in the show that is like a calm before the storm, it feels like it is building to something really great. I think if Fox cancels the show before it can release that greatness then something is really wrong with the Fox network and I don’t know why they would tease and then cancel it before it had a chance to deliver. It has had pretty decent ratings though, so maybe it will be back next season.

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Custom Birthday Cards February 29th, 2008

Greeting cards get more and more predictable every year. For the most part, the most effort someone puts in the greeting card itself is the to someone, from someone. Even the blank ones, the most thing they write is either Happy Birthday or whatever holiday it is that they are giving you the card for. What happened to greeting cards that were supposed to mean something? I mean what is the point of giving out these cookie cutter cards anyway?

There is a solution though, customized greeting cards. You can choose from a variety of different fronts and then write the message that you want inside of the card. Say you like one particular kind of card, and you want to send it to all your friends when their birthday roll around. All you do is find one you like from all of the birthday cards that they have, and then write a message that will go on the inside of the cards. This is my favorite birthday card that they have, I don’t really know why, I might just have a soft spot for fireworks, I don’t know. I know that it is the one I would pick one if I got to choose which one to receive though.

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