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Makeovers October 31st, 2007

I was showing my mother this online makeover program. You can use it to change your hair style, hair color, facial hair anything really. It is a really nifty tool for seeing how you would look with different physical attributes without the need for plastic surgery. I mean if you are a girl then you have probably said at one point or another, I want that person’s hair, if you are like any of the girls that I know then you would have gone out and gotten it styles or colored like that. Maybe it didn’t come out the way you wanted though, maybe it came out too dark, or it hid your face. Well now you can try it onlineand not have to worry about waiting for it to grow out.

Makeup is a billion dollar industry, now women don’t need to spend money on lipstick that you won’t like on your lips, you can simply test it out on a picture of you that you upload to the site. No more money wasted on stylists, or makeup, only to come to find that you absolutely hate it with a passion. Isn’t that reason alone to give the program a try, after all what do you have to lose?

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Music Software October 31st, 2007

I used to take guitar lessons at school, and I can somewhat play, or at least fake playing the keyboard. I like music, I would like to get a keyboard that I could hook into the USB port. I used to have one, in fact I wrote the music that was on my old Flash splash page with it. I got really into it after I heard a musician with just a keyboard and some music software put on his website some of the most beautifully orchestrated music I’ve ever heard. I would still like to invest in a keyboard, and maybe even some software so I can make that kind of music, although with my talent it would probably sound like a cat dying.

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Custom Games October 31st, 2007

Bungie has a Halloween playlist up, it is all Infection. Since Halo 2 Infection was one of my favorite games. It is a special treat to have a playlist just for it though, otherwise you need to find someone in a custom game playing it, and with the new interface for Halo 3, you can’t see what kind of games your friends are playing. Even if you couldn’t see what your friends were playing, I just wish there was a way to search for a Custom Game in Halo 3, I mean playing a game of swords would be better if you could have an open party. There seems to be traces of that in the game, and there were hints of it in EGM and GamePro, but I guess it just didn’t make the final cut, or it might be released later on.I will definitely have no complaints if that was the case, though.

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