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BRB August 31st, 2006

I keep getting spammed and I’m trying to install some WordPress thing, so the blog will be locked for a few days so I don’t get anymore useless spam.

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Catcher in the Rye August 22nd, 2006

Work is all right, my body adjusted to moving furniture and now I can move pretty much anything they throw at me. It seems to have slowed down a lot since I started there, we don’t have truck loads of furniture or work that needs to be moved, only about maybe 30-40 pieces a day which is nothing to the 120 we were moving.

With this less furniture that has to be moved, there are gaps in the day which there’s nothing to do, so I am usually waiting in someone’s office reading until I am called. Right now I’m rereading Catcher in the Rye, I think I may have started it a few years ago, but I’m not too sure if I ever finished it.

In my Me section, I added a DVD List of all the DVDs that I own, someone asked me a while ago how many DVDs I own, since I am such a movie whore. Well now my DVD collection is online, I usually buy more each month so it will be updated quite frequently.

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One Month August 20th, 2006

Ever have that one special person in your life that it may seem crazy and impossible to work, but somehow it just does, somehow your feelings, your heart knows what it wants and needs? Ever have that one special person that logically it will make your head spin, but when your with that person or talk to that person, everything makes sense, everything just falls into place?

One month ago I was holding this girl close in my arms and I was looking down at her and I knew that I had to ask her to be my girlfriend, no matter how impossible it may have been at the time. Some people say that the first months of a relationship is critical, but not to be blindsided by the whole “Cinderella Period”.

I don’t think either one of us can say that this month has been perfect, there’s been ups and downs, lefts and rights, but we’re still here. We aren’t perfect by any means, we fight at times, and drunk nights can be a little revealing, but we make it through.

Probably the sweetest, yet ridiculously funny thing she did was call me up wishing me a happy one month yesterdau, getting confused as to which date it was (not when I asked her out, but the date of yesterday.

So this blog is mainly about one person in particular, which all I have to say to her is Happy One Month, baby.

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