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Heart Equals Happiness July 29th, 2006

Everything in life has to be learned. We learn how to love, how to communicate, how to hate. We learn that watching other people learn is easier than learning through our on first hand experience. We learn that when the time comes those people may not the best people to learn from. We learn that nothing in life is as easy as black and white and even grey areas are very seldom seen. It is the areas of many different colors that tend to pop up in our everyday lives. It is those areas that we most likely will mess up with.

When we mess up, it is easy to blame other people. Blaming the people whom you’ve learned it from probably seems easiest, but the fact is that YOU have learned it, and YOU have to take responsibility for it. Learned behaviors are just that, learned, they may be second nature, but they can be changed when necessary.

The hardest part of these behaviors that are second nature, is seeing the fact of why they might be wrong. And once we see that they are wrong it is hard to say sorry for what they may have caused.

Many people are guilty of this, even me. Far too often do I blame my parents for implanting something in my head, as the right way of doing something, or a way that something is supposed to be. It is hard, but I have to look at it and sometimes realize that it shouldn’t be that way, or there is a better way of doing something.

Recently, through self awareness and meditation, I learned that you can suppress the learned behaviors, and truly do what is in your heart. I know I blogged about this a few months ago, about listening to your heart, but since then I have been really trying to implement it. I have to say, really listening to my heart and not letting my brain interfere much, has really allowed me to make some decisions that I otherwise don’t think I would have made. I mean granted you can’t cut your head out completely, because you can’t neglect your financial situation, or other priorities you might have, but listening to my heart more has made me a truly happier person. I’m no longer doing the things that I think I should be doing, but now I’m doing what I’m meant to do. I know I’m meant to do it because my heart tells me it’s right and it isn’t some learned behavior.

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