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Things Change May 11th, 2006

You always hear older people saying stuff about how much kids have changed since when they were kids. In reality though, kids haven’t changed. Kids have always been the same way. It’s everything else that changed. People in general have changed so much, and there’s realy no reason for it, at least none that I could see.

Growing up I didn’t want to go to school, ever, what kid does? It wasn’t even the fact of waking up early, because admit it, if you were a child of the 80’s you know damn straight that on Saturday mornings you were out of bed by 8AM to watch Saturday morning cartoons. Nowadays there is no point in getting up early on Saturdays, for kids or adults, and if you don’t want to get out of bed at 7AM then doctor’s will say there’s something wrong with you and most likely give you a pill that you don’t need.

Really now, kids haven’t changed. Boys who chase girls around the playground or tease them are known to like them. This goes back even before the 80’s, probably back to the earliest of men, but nowadays if a child does that it’s called sexual harrassment. \

People seem to forget what it was like growing up, I mean nowadays if you get into a physical fight with someone your suspended at the least, and profiled and closely monitored to ensure that you don’t bring a gun to school. Boys fight, even girls do too, and if you’re going to make a big deal out of it then yeah, maybe something will happen.

One could argue that these are the result of video games, or how the world is today, but really the world hasn’t changed. There’s always been wars, and growing up with the Nintendo Entertainment System, does anyone remember the gun that came with it, you would think that would cause kids want to shoot things, but no it didn’t. Instead they say that holding a controller that isn’t anything like a gun is teaching kids how to kill. Which I’ve said many times before is just bullshit. Now if parents really believe that, then they should better monitor which video games they buy kids, afterall if you won’t buy your children porn, then why buy them a video game filled with violence?

Where you could blame video games, or parents, I blame the news. In Canada, where they have more guns then we do in the USA, they don’t have nearly as much news reports as we do here in the US. Think about, there’s at least two hours of news on in the morning, more than four all day news channels about two hours on every channel in the evening, then after prime time, they have news again. I mean the news has all these stories of killings in wars and in our own neighborhoods, plus a lot of times kids are around when parents are watching. There’s more news on average that comes into the home than the number of hours playing video games or violent movies combined.

My question is how’d we let this happen? When did so much violence get into people’s heads that it changed the way they thought and felt, and even made them scared in their own neighborhoods?

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Summer Break May 5th, 2006

So just weeks after spring break, I am on summer break. The testing wasn’t bad, I had a pretty good grasp on the material. My final average for accounting was 84, in any other college that would be a B, but here it’s a C, which sucks, but what are you gonna do? I’m just glad that I passed.

I’m actually outside on my front porch right now, on my laptop. While it’s annoyingly muggy and cloudy, it’s actually an alright day to be outside. I just wish I didn’t have this hot laptop on me.

I go back to tutoring in a few weeks, and until then I hope I get to do some of the much needed work that I’ve been putting off since the semester started.

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