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Sad News in the World of Video Games January 21st, 2006

Earlier this month, Mitchell Stuekerjuergen with the gamer alias “Kuja105” committed suicide. My thoughts and condolences go out to his friends, family, and gaming buddies. Unfortunitely that isn’t the saddest part of this story.

Jack Thompson who has been speaking publicly lately against video games, who have bought stock in Grand Theft Auto’s parent company to attend stockholder’s meetings, and whose just plain ignorant, released a statement regaurding Mitchell’s death. In this statement he said that Mitchell chose to fill up the void in his heart meant for the lord, with “combat video games”. He stated that playing video games is a “masterbatory senseless self stimulation” and that all the gamers out need to get off their computers and consoles, and if we did then Kuja105’s death could have been avoided.

What Mr. Thompson failed to recognize is the fact that when Kuja105 stated on a message board that he was considering suicide, the moderator’s of those forums spent countless hours getting his contact information and staying on the phone with him, trying to talk him out of it. Mr. Thompson also fails to realize that depression is a disease, and just because you play video games does not

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It’s Inevitable January 16th, 2006

It took your entire life to come to this moment. Maybe had you made a different decision three years ago you wouldn’t be here looking at this site. Maybe got a different job, or moved to a different house. Maybe even if you had a hamburger one day instead of a cheeseburger. Or maybe you are destined to look at this. Maybe no matter which choices you made, you would inevitably end here. There is only one inevitable thing, death. Nothing else is inevitable. Some people say birth is inevitable, but what about those babies who die before even seeing the light of day? Death is inevitable, so maybe it doesn’t matter what choices you made, maybe there are other things that are inevitable.

Maybe some of us are predestined for certain things, like disease, or heartache, or fame. These things eventually all even out though, making us equal in the end, but not the same.

Now what if there was a way to change your destiny. What if someone came up to you and said that they knew what you were destined for and they could help you change it. They don’t tell you what is in your future, but they tell you that you can change your destiny, would you do it? Would you be so unsure about yourself that you’d change your destiny without having trust in yourself? Afterall your destiny is really only what you make it right?

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