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In 2005… December 31st, 2005

Okay so before I start this thing I just want to say that I’ve been working on something for the site, but I realize that what I want to do is far too complex, although I could do it, just not at this moment in time due to school starting in a few weeks.

In 2005 I…

went to Ohio
went to Delaware
moved to Dealaware
saw my aunt whom I haven’t seen in 6 years
got numerous pay raises
quit my job at Shoprite
learned Assembly Language
started this blog
fell in love
lost my grandmother Sad
learned how to pump my own gas
got addicted to G4 TV
got VOIP
got a job using my technical skills
was president of my college’s computer science club
got a new scanner
drove through many states
had my car for a year without anything seriously wrong with it
had no tickets
got offered my job back at 3 dollars more an hour
got a few more sections added to my site
said goodbye to an ex once and for all
gone to the bar legally
bought alcohol legally
slept in a car
went to frat parties
gotten another poem published
met some really cool people
discovered great new bands
taken some sweet pictures
pwned n00bs on XBox Live

Somehow I thought this list would be bigger. Oh well 2005 was overall an okay year, hopefully 2006 will be better.

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I Survived December 27th, 2005

So I survived a Christmas with the family. It’s weird, I never really considered Debbie (my mom’s friend I went to get) as family, even though she is my God-Mother. I guess it is easier now that she is actually around. Christmas was good though, I got a Buddah which I think is awesome. That is definitely a really great present, because the whole religion is based on philosophy on how how you live, and not so much how you worship.

I went to see Kelly yesterday, she had no idea I was coming. Her reaction when she saw me there was hilarious. I took her out to dinner and fell asleep in her car with her LOL. I don’t think I would have made it that three hour drive back to DE if I didn’t have that nap.

As for the website: I am going to take care of things offline for a bit before I add anything else, or work on anything in the daytime, at night I’ll be working on some things.

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Merry Christmas December 23rd, 2005

As a present to my loyal readers, I have added pictures to the albums, including a new album all together. All the pictures have me in them, don’t worry pictures of other people will be coming soon.

I got a nice little Christmas surprise from one of those pornstars, which was really unexpected and sweet.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday. I probably won’t be posting until I get back from NY, so I hope everyone has a good one, when I come back I may have more pictures.

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