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Insomnia is Back November 29th, 2005

So I suppose my insomnia is back, seeing as how it is 4:38 AM and I am still awake. I just did another coat of black paint on my bed and I set up the main configuration of my office, but I haven’t brought in my desktop from my car yet. I want to wait until all my furniture is painted, but my mother is bugging me to set hers up so I would need to find my desktop and install it and set up the printers and all that jazz, something I don’t feel like doing. At least after my bed is finished I only need to paint my dresser and the tv stand. I am still contemplating my need for a television in my office, I think I do need one seeing as how I’ll be spending most my days in here working on school work and other stuff, plus it will be the room with the router so I would need it for my Xbox Live.

Speaking of XBox, I have been hearing a lot of complaints of the 360 keeps overheating. I guess it is good I didn’t buy it, but I will try and save my mooney for the PS3. Sony has never dissappointed me in the console world, and I wish to get Nintendo Revolution too, when that too comes out. As for the 360, I’ll wait until the overheating is resolved.

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I’m a Delawarean November 25th, 2005

So I am in Delaware now, all hooked up to the internet and ready to go. The last few days have been hectic, getting the closing all sorted out and stuff. There were a few issues that arose, no gutters on the house, low water pressure, an uncovered drain in the back of the property, and a few others. Everything worked out fine though and now we are in the house. I’ve been painting the last few days, not much got done though because we didn’t buy much paint and the walls are textured and sucked it up. And being yesterday was Thanksgiving Lowes was closed.

I know I need to add more to the site, and update the about me, but there is so much to do in my life outside the site, that I don’t know when I will get it done. Plus at this point I am more in a meet new people kind of mode because I don’t know anybody in Delaware. If you live in Delaware speak up and leave a comment.

It is so much different down here, everyone is nicer and don’t look at you like you’re going to rob them. It reminds me of Ohio, but more cultured I guess the word would be. Everything closes around here pretty early in the winter because it is so dead down here. I am going to be hitting some cyber cafes in the coming days because I think it might be a good place to meet people with similar interests. I went into one the other night, but the guy was just like it’s winter nobody is around, so I need to find what people do here in the winter. It also doesn’t help that I won’t be going to school until January.

All in all I miss Jersey to a degree, but there is something about living this close to the beach that seems so serene. I just have so much to do that I can’t enjoy it fully: painting the living room, kitchen, hallway, my room, my office, my bathroom, my mom’s room, and my mom’s bathroom, buying/building an L-shaped desk, unpacking, Christmas, decorating my office in a professional manner.

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Moving Day November 21st, 2005

Moving day is finally here. I am not even sure if everything is packed. All the garbage is by the dumpster, wood and everything and they are threatening us with a fine. The fine is actually pretty cheap, so I laugh in the face of their fine.

The movers will be here at 9AM today, then we need to clean the house. By tonite I’ll be in a hotel room in Rehoboth Beach. Then on Wednesday we move into the new house.

I’d better get going so I can pack my computer up. Hopefully I’ll be online in the hotel room, or find a late night wifi cafe. So for the last time in NJ, this is Sean Noble, signing off.

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