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Realtor Number One September 29th, 2005

I’m at work right now, like I am every Thursday at this time, and there should have been a realtor appraising the house. He is supposed to be one of the best in New Jersey, so hopefully he will sell our house quickly, before my mother loses it to the bank.

Work goes by so slow since we can’t go on AIM or anything, but I did get some new layout ideas, which I hope to be up soon. It isn’t anything to be impressed with, but I don’t want to post it without making the graphics for it first. Then after the layout is up I can get back to making content and advertising the site. Maybe by the end of the weekend.

My poor girlfriend Kelly lost her webspace, her laptop power plug went, and she lost her wallet in the same week. Sad I feel so bad for her Sad

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Sup? September 27th, 2005

Ever notice how online we cannot be bothered to type out whole words on the internet? U instead of you, im instead of I’m, are we really that busy that we can’t type out the entire word? I’m guilty of this oh so common way of typing. What makes me actually think about it, is the fact that when I write a paper or a blog, it doesn’t even register to take shortcuts and use shorter versions of the words. Why is it that on the internet talking to our friends, that they deserve anything other than our utmost respect. I guess it is because saying sup is really how we talk when we’re face to face with them. If a professor IMed you online would you talk to them with such casualty?

Recently another form of typing hit the web, 1337, or leet. This is using numbers and other characters as letters. People actually type whole conversations this way. An example would be: |-|3110 |-|0\/\/ 4|23 |_| 2o|4`/. Reading this actually hurts my head, trying to convert it to english, and people use their own forms of typing to come up with their own language, so one leet speak isn’t exactly the same as another leet speak. Why do people feel the need to make up their own alphabet? It started when handles were taken and people had to come up with unique ways of getting the name they wanted, but now they type it as if it was english.

Writing in leet doesn’t make you seem smarter, actually it makes you seem like you have a lot of time on your hands, and if you have that much time, then type out every word you would normally abbreviate in some form. Of course maybe typing with the abbreviated forms of words, or in leet talk is showing that the internet isn’t formal and that what we write online in an email or an IM or even a blog should be considered freedom of speech and not be looked at any other way. Anything that it written online is the soul work of the author and it is their views of the world, and writing like that is how they express themselves, and therefore should not be criticized on how they type, or what they write.

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Blazing Speed September 22nd, 2005

So the cable guy came and installed the new Optimum Voice service. It turns out that the line was shot so he had to drill a new one, so to prevent packet loss. With the new service, we get digital cable, which I need to pick up the cable boxes tomorrow. I am actually caught up in my classes so this weekend will be spent doing some work around the house, watching the digital cable, and spending time with my girl.

My birthday went alright, it was the first one without my grandmother which was tough, but it was okay all the same. My mom actually got me a six pack and a cake, while my father seemed to forgot, and didnt even call me at all, but that’s how it usually is.

So onto better news: video games!

In the coming weeks there will be a lot of video games coming out, that I want. Ultimate Spiderman, X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocolypse, Age of Empires 3, plus the XBox 360, but I doubt I’ll be getting that anytime soon. The only reason I even bought the original XBox is because of Halo 2, and I only like the online play of that, the campaign mode is lacking.

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