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Format August 26th, 2005

[Edit] After using my recovery CD from my laptop it worked, after discovering my XP CD was scratched. Everything is up now, all four harddrives and the DVD burner. Now I can get everything reinstalled and get to working on the site once again.[/Edit]

So I am formatting my harddrive after it crashed. I am installing it on a 20 gig harddrive so not to lose any files and then moving all my site files to a seperate partition, that is if it decides to work at all. I might need to get a new XP CD if that’s the case I’ll go to my school and get XP Pro from them and use that. Either that or try and install Windows 95 and upgrade to XP, the only problem is that I am not sure if my motherboard supports 95. With all this computer stuff I’m trying to get done, and the fact that classes start on the 6th, I won’t have much time to get it done, so I am focusing on the computer more than the site. Once everything is settled, I will be putting more effort into the site.

In other news my grandmother is almost out of oxygen from her backup tank since we brought her to the doctor the other day. We may have to bring her to the hospital soon, she is in congestive heart failure and she has gout. What a week it’s been.

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Wired Network is Up August 21st, 2005

I got my wired network up again, and now I’m fooling around with the wireless one. After the wireless one is up and running I am going to get the printers and file sharing all set up.

My grandmother came home yesterday with oxygen, which she never had before. We think she is having a problem breathing due to the fact that she was on some alzheimer’s medication, which she was never on before. What’s strange is that at a previous time, we were told she didn’t exhibit any of the signs that a alzheimer’s patient or a pre-alzheimer’s patient exhibits. It wasn’t too long ago that we got this diagnosis.

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New Laptop August 18th, 2005

by leprakhauns on 18 Aug 2005 08:40 pm
So I bought a laptop today, so expect more update after I get everything up and running. The laptop is a Compaq Presario. I know it isn’t the best laptop out there, but seeing as how I will be using mostly for programming, it is a good buy. What I hate about new computers is all the crap that comes with it. All the excess software that you will never use and just takes up space.

My grandmother is scheduled to come home on Saturday, so it is a mad dash to the finish to get everything done. Deadlines usually get me going, so waiting ’till the last minute isn’t a bad thing. Well I’m going to get back to clearing the laptop of the unneeded junk.

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