Anyone with a site can tell you that they had a vision and purpose when creating it. I started in 1998 and while my vision has certainly changed over the years, at first I envisioned a site like Myspace, I think I am closer to my vision learning so much through web design and development, than just with HTML.

Site History

It all began back in 1998 when I got my first internet ready computer. After a few weeks of playing on AOL, I discovered that you could make your own webpage. I think everyone is particularly proud of their first webpage, but I also think that the first website is always the worste. At that time you could only have things one underneath the other on AOL, so I wanted something with a little more versatility.

GeocitiesMy second attempt at a webpage on Geocities was somewhat even more attrocious. Even though it may have looked better, the layout was all a bunch of nested tables, which made it a pain in reguards to loading time. Geocities Page Builder was glitchy at best, and most times I tried to connect to it, there were multiple errors. I saw an ad for something called Homesite Page Builder with Coldfusion. I ordered the free trial on CD and a few days it came, at first I didn't know what to make of it, there was all this colored code , but finally I saw that there was a Page Builder type of thing, and I soon discovered that the code was really what made the webpage work. I kept up with the page for a while, but I soon lost interest in it when Yahoo bought out Geocities.

TripodAt that point I figured I knew enough HTML to have my own domain name. So I went looking through different hosts, and I saw Tripod had everything I needed for a pretty cheap price. I was there about 6 months and then I got bored with it. Everything was the same as the previous site, only I didn't really care enough to bring everything over. This was my junior year of high school and I really just gave up on it for a while.

In my C++ class, someone showed me their site and said it was done in PHP. Up until this point I'd never heard of PHP before and I was determined to figure it out. In the beginning it was easy, but when I was getting into the mysql portion it became somewhat harder. Now I have a pretty good handle on everything.

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