Xbox One Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 at 12:57 pm
Written by: steelearth

The Xbox One was the most anticipated console of the new generation, featuring voice commands, television/cable box controls and built in game dvr with editing abilities. The console comes with an HDMI cable and works on both 720 and 1080p hd tvs with no issues. The down side to being able to watch tv and control your cable box through the Xbox One is that you have to watch tv in full screen, no wide screen option has been made available in the options. Granted the Xbox One doesn’t come with the ability to watch blurays right out of the box, there is an app to be able to watch them and it is free. The voice commands help save battery life on the controller, and the Kinect gives us facial recognition for easy and quick gamertag sign in. My personal opinion is that this is the must have gaming console of this generation, I constantly use my Xbox One for all my entertainment needs that don’t require a computer, in fact I am currently watching Netflix on it while typing this review. This gaming console gives the gamers two choices when it comes to purchasing games, one is the traditional go to the nearest video game retailer and buy the disc and two is digital downloads upon the release date of the game, the down fall to digital downloads is that the game costs the same as if you were to go out and buy the disc. Setup for the Xbox One is as simple as it can get, from opening the box to opening an app it takes all of 5 minutes, when it comes to playing a game you must install it first whether it be from a disc or the digital download version. The installation process seems like a hassle however it cuts down on loading times for the game and you only have to wait till the game is 50% installed to play. This Xbox is not the toy that the 360 was, the bulky appearance of the Xbox One is a slight turn off compared to the slim Xbox 360 however this is to ensure proper ventilation as to not over heat. Microsoft is constantly working on updates to better enhance the gamers experience and to fix any and all bugs that may present themselves. Overall this is a top of the line gaming system and I give it a 9 out of 10.

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