Saint Row 4 Review Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 at 4:09 pm
Written by: steelearth


For those of you that don’t already know this Saints Row 4 (SR4) was originally supposed to be a DLC for Saints Row: The Third (SR3) called “Enter the Dominatrix”, however Violation thought that the DLC could be much more than just that and became the project titled “The Boss”. Which for one I think was a better idea, the starts off in the real world with the players character as president, when out of no where aliens named Zin attack, capturing 90% of the saints crew and places them in a simulation based of theirs worst fears and nightmares. The face that the game is primarily based inside the simulated Steel Port leaves this game open to almost infinite possibilities as far as DLC is concerned. The introduction of super powers in SR3, while a lot of gamers were looking forward to more of them, was just a taste of things to come for SR4. With new powers such as telekinesis, stomp, burst (throwing fire, ice, and lightening), buff, force field, death from above, and of course super jump and super sprint and being able to upgrade them, moving around the map has become simpler and quicker. Personally in this reviewers opinion the graphics are the same as SR3, however the gameplay goes in a completely different direction, while we are once again trying to take over in the simulation, its more of a revenge thing against the aliens as well as showing the aliens that humanity is a force to be reckoned with. During game play the graphics seem to glitch out a lot but it is all part of the simulation to try to make it a genuine experience for the gamer. The only game out (with the exception of todays release of GTA5) for this reviewer to compare SR4 with at this moment in time is SR3, there are a lot more easter eggs in this game and references to movies and other video games that most of the older generation of gamers will be able to easily recognize. While the end of this generation of game consoles is nearing with only a few more months till the drop of Xbox One, and Playstation 4, I feel as though this is a game definitely worth purchasing. Violation has promised that the DLC for SR4 will be epic compared to any and all other Saints Row games DLC. While this game is running on basically running on the same engine as SR3 I personally feel that SR4 runs a lot more smoothly than SR3. On a scale from 1-5 pots of gold I give gameplay 4/5, storyline 4/5, graphics 3.5/5, this game is not as simple to get all the collectables and upgrades for weapons and super powers so I would have to give this game a simplicity rating of 2.5/5 pots of gold.

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