Prototype August 5th, 2009

A virus infects New York City, the military comes in and quarantines the city. The military is nothing compared to the ultimate way to stop the infection, which is you. The game is Spiderman Web of Shadows Prototype.

The game plays a lot like Web of Shadows, you can use your powers to change costumes, your infection allows you to use web like appendages to pull enemies to you and you toward objects. The game even starts out like Web of Shadows, days in the future with all your abilities and then flashback to the beginning of the infection. Unlike Web of Shadows, though, you don’t make choices that outcome the game, the missions are pretty much linear, even though the gameplay is in a sandbox style. Also what seems almost standard in a traditional sandbox style, your past is a mystery that you unlike by consuming specially marked enemies. Through these encounters you discover how you got your powers and people along the way who may or may not be willing to help you.

The gameplay has some issues. When you are targeting an enemy, sometimes it will automatically target a different one without you pressing any other buttons. Plus there is no way to lock onto a target and let go of the button. Also in one of the bugs I found, I could still control the camera, after I consumes a military soldier, although the game wouldn’t go forward and I couldn’t move.

Overall the game is a solid 8 out of 10. If you like sandbox style games, this is a game you must pick up and play.

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Worms 2: Armageddon Review July 1st, 2009

Worms 2: Armageddon is the Xbox Live Arcade game that fans of the series had hoped the original Worms would be. All the features from the first Worms game for the Arcade are there, Leaderboards, Ranked Matches, Player Matches, etc. There is also brand new modes, like 2 on 2 team mode, and new (as well as old if you are a fan of Worms: Armageddon), such as the Holy Hand Grenade and the digger bomb.

The game isn’t perfect, however. I have played three games total, and attempted to play four. Out of those four times, my XBox froze twice while playing the game, but this can easily be fixed on their end with a patch, so let’s hope that Team 17 and Microsoft get this straightened out rather quickly, because this is a must have game for any fan of the Worms series, or even turn based war games, or anyone who wants to kill little worms.

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Ghostbusters Game Review June 23rd, 2009

It’s been 20 years since Ghostbusters 2, but when you pick up Ghostbusters the Video Game those 20 years seem to fade away as it takes place in 1991 and the Ghostbusters show that a timeless franchise can not lose when you bring back the people who made it a hit.

In the single player campaign you play as a new recruit. You team up with the other Ghostbusters and are basically a guinea pig to test their new equipment. You won’t just have new equipment at your disposal, you will have the classic stuff as well, such as the PKE meter, and the proton pack. The story has you going through classic Ghostbuster places, such as the Sedwig Hotel, the NYC Library, and the Museum of Art.

If you are like me, playing by yourself as a Ghostbuster you never heard of isn’t for you. This is where the online campaign comes in. You can choose from any five of the Ghostbusters (including the new one) and team up to take down ghosts and goblins in a number of separate game types. Finding a game can be a pain though, especially on XBox.

The game plays surprisingly well. Your health is based on yours and your teammates. If you go down, your teammate can pick you back up. Right trigger will fire your selected weapon and left trigger will fire a backup. For the default it is a boson dart, but throughout the game when you acquire different types of ammo, the secondary will change as well. The types of ammo you acquire is not far fetched, one will slow down ghosts, one is the pink slime from Ghostbusters 2 which will make ghosts nicer, one will neutralize black harmful slime.

Fans of the movies will notice nods around the game, for instance the painting of Vigo is in the firehouse and Walter Peck becomes what essentially is your new boss. Don’t get me wrong though, this is not a rehash of the movies, this is a whole new story, one that Dan Aykroyd is so proud of, that he said the video game is essentially Ghostbusters 3.

Any fan of the Ghostbusters movies or cartoons should pick up this game.

*Note: This is a review of the Ghostbusters Video Game for the Xbox 360 game console. Differences in versions may alter your experience.

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