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This is the most recent Zombies DLC for cod: black ops 2, the map starts on an abandoned oil rig where basic the 500 points weapons are available but there is also a 2000 point weapon available only one person will be able to get and that is the LSAT. The main map though is underground in an buried southwestern town. This part of the map once you release the giant from his cell (for this review we will call him “Leroy”) is quite easy to open up. The booze you need to have Leroy clear the pathway is first found right in his cell, then it alternates between the bar that costs 1250 point to open and his cell. Be careful not to shoot Leroy because he will run back to his cell and lock himself  in again and you will have to locate the key somewhere on the map. One thing about this map that is different but this reviewer feels makes it more difficult than the others DLC’s, that it is for the most part an open, all other DLC maps consist mostly separate rooms to navigate through. Also new to the cod zombies are witches, they are found in the masion on this map and chalkable wallbuys, these are weapons designs found in a single room on the map that a player picks up and draws into place wherever a question mark (?) is found on the wall. On this map the designs are found in the same building as Mule Kick.

Now as for weapons, you have all your basic weapons in the mystery box and on the walls with four new weapons in the box, the Paralyzer which slows the zombies to almost a halt and if shot with it long enough the zombies explode, it can also be used to jump higher and comes with infinite ammo. The Ray Gun Mark II, this gun is a vast improvement of the infamous Ray Gun with enough power to shot though a line of zombies instead of just one and it is a three shot burst this weapon is now also available on all other maps. The Time Bomb, this isn’t as much of a weapon as it is a life saver, once in hand press down on the directional pad to pull it out, then press LB (for Xbox360) or L2 (for PS3) to save the round number you are on, then at anytime later in the game press RB (for Xbox360) or R2 (for PS3) to restore the game to the saved round, I must include that any perks or weapons you have that you didn’t have on the saved round will disappear but any doors opened, pathways cleared or buildables will remain. Last but not least is the Remington New Model Army this is a six shot revolver that for the first 10 rounds is a one hit kill weapon.

New weapons upgrade are as follows Ray Gun Mark II becomes Porter’s Mark II Ray Gun and goes from a total of 162 rounds to 201 rounds, the Paralyzer becomes the Petrifier still has infinite ammo but allows the gun to be fired for a total of ten seconds, and the Remington becomes the Sassafras and goes from a total of 90 rounds of ammo to 108 rounds and becomes a twelve shot revolver instead of staying a six like the executioner. Everyone’s favorite perk-a-cola machines are back Juggernog, Quick Revive, Speed Cola, Double Tap Root Beer, Stamin-Up, Mule Kick, Pack-A-Punch and now introducing Vulture Aid. This new perk allows the player to se perks, wall weapons, places to draw the chalkable weapons, and the mystery box over a short distance. With this new perk zombies will drop small amounts of ammo or extra points for the player with the perk to pick up, some zombies will emit a green cloud that when killed the cloud will stay for a short period of time and as long as the player with Vulture Aid is stand in this cloud zombies will ignore him/her. As the player stand in this cloud the Vulture Aid icon on the lower left corner will start to glow and after the cloud is gone the zombies will still ignore the player until the glow is gone. Zombie eyes, Perk-a-cola machines, the Mystery Box and Pack-A-Punch will all glow bright for the player with Vulture Aid as well.

Now onto the buildables for this map, once again we have the Turbine, Trample Steam and the NAV Table, there are two new buildables on this map the Head Chopper and the Subsurface Resonator. The Head Chopper is a buildable that you can place on any doorway or wall on the map it is head height and does exactly what the name entails and chops off anyones head (yes that means players too so watch out and remember where you place it) by swinging both left and right, in order to pick it up again the player MUST crouch and walk over to it. the Subsurface Resonator  requires the Turbine to function; it blasts sound that kills zombies and distorts the screen. On zombies at a further distance, it will simply knock them back. Unlike on the other maps for cod: black ops 2 the player doesn’t HAVE to build these items, in fact if you feed Leroy candy next to or in front of the workbench (candy can be found in the candy store down stairs from the power switch (no idea what the were doing with electricity in the old west but ok)) he will look over the blueprints on the workbench the run off to gather the parts needed come back and build the item for you.

This map does offer teleportation you need to first use Leroy to smash the fountain next to the court house by giving him the bottle of booze and then use one of three ways to smash the fountain in the middle of the hedge maze behind the mansion, you can use either of the Ray Guns or you can once again have Leroy smash this one as well. Teleporting will bring you to the lower level of the room you spawned in in the beginning of the game, this is also where you will build the NAV Table. The Perk-a-Cola machines are found in the following locations,  Juggernog is next to and behind the jail where you found Leroy, Quick Revive is in the little room you first fall into when leaving the spawn room, Speed Cola is in the courthouse, Double Tap Root Beer is in the mansion becarefull of the witches, Stamin-Up is at the end of the hedge maze, Mule Kick is in the room upstairs from the chalkable weapons, Pack-A-Punch is down the spiral stairs at the end of the hedge maze (be careful there are holes in the stairs and only one way in or out) and Vulture Aid is in the church. There is a way to obtain all seven perks you have to run through the mansion twice and enter the hedge maze once in the hedge maze kill the last of the witches each time in the maze she will drop what looks like a perk-a-cola bottle this will give you the last two of the perks you need.

All in all it is this reviewers personal and professional gamer opinion that this DLC is a must have for all cod zombies players, it introduces new weapons, new enemies, a new perk as well as it adds to the zombies storyline. tomorrow morning check back tomorrow and for a post explaining the new achievements with this map and how to get them.

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  1. I never got into Call Of Duty. But I will play zombies time to time. Still it’s not the be all end all of gaming. – Scott Craighead

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