Xbox One December 18th, 2013

The Xbox One was the most anticipated console of the new generation, featuring voice commands, television/cable box controls and built in game dvr with editing abilities. The console comes with an HDMI cable and works on both 720 and 1080p hd tvs with no issues. The down side to being able to watch tv and control your cable box through the Xbox One is that you have to watch tv in full screen, no wide screen option has been made available in the options. Granted the Xbox One doesn’t come with the ability to watch blurays right out of the box, there is an app to be able to watch them and it is free. The voice commands help save battery life on the controller, and the Kinect gives us facial recognition for easy and quick gamertag sign in. My personal opinion is that this is the must have gaming console of this generation, I constantly use my Xbox One for all my entertainment needs that don’t require a computer, in fact I am currently watching Netflix on it while typing this review. This gaming console gives the gamers two choices when it comes to purchasing games, one is the traditional go to the nearest video game retailer and buy the disc and two is digital downloads upon the release date of the game, the down fall to digital downloads is that the game costs the same as if you were to go out and buy the disc. Setup for the Xbox One is as simple as it can get, from opening the box to opening an app it takes all of 5 minutes, when it comes to playing a game you must install it first whether it be from a disc or the digital download version. The installation process seems like a hassle however it cuts down on loading times for the game and you only have to wait till the game is 50% installed to play. This Xbox is not the toy that the 360 was, the bulky appearance of the Xbox One is a slight turn off compared to the slim Xbox 360 however this is to ensure proper ventilation as to not over heat. Microsoft is constantly working on updates to better enhance the gamers experience and to fix any and all bugs that may present themselves. Overall this is a top of the line gaming system and I give it a 9 out of 10.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA V) and Grand Theft Auto Online November 8th, 2013

At first glance of playing the game I was like, “what the hell is this.” Between starting in the middle of a mission and the map looking a lot like the map from San Andreas but larger Rockstar really made this one different from the others. Once I got into the game I noticed that the weapon selection is the same as Saints Row 3 and 4 just a different button, I do like the fact that you can carry all your weapons at once. After a few Hours of playing the game you get two other characters to play as, all three of the single player characters interact with each other and work a lot of missions together, which is great because as you get to the point of almost death you can change characters and have full life once again. Rockstar games has definitely given the gamers what I think is the best GTA yet with all the new ideas they incorporated into this installment. With the game the players were given a new online feature (which I will get into later in this review). Overall gameplay in single player mode is rather short compared to the other GTA games but at the same time there are also plenty of side missions that you can play over and over again. You can buy just about any vehicle in the game, you can buy and sell stocks on both a local game market and a market that changes based on the statistics of all the players on the Rockstar Social Club network. Players also have the ability to buy stores, shops, realestate and movie theaters in order to generate a regular income of money. All the standard aspects and activities, if you would, that everyone knows and loves of GTA, such as hookers, strip clubs, stealing cars and random pedestrian killing are all still there but the cops are more realistic so gamers be careful when driving around in stolen cars some how the cops always know its stolen. All in all i give GTA V single player mode a 7.5 out of 10.

As for GTA Online, this is a whole other level of game play for GTA, this mode of gameplay is before the story mode of the single player. Like with all new ideas there were glitches and problems at first but as of Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 Rockstar is confident that all the bugs are worked out of the system and the game is running at optimal levels. In the world of GTA Online you not only get to create your own character but with your character you get to purchase garages, or apartments to store your vehicles. GTA online is a lot like freemode in GTA 4 but instead of having to go to your phone and vote to do an activity, hoping that everyone else wants to do it as well you can do any activity you want and invite other players to join you in the activity. As your level up your character you unlock all the weapons from single player mode, as well as customizable options for vehicles. Now you do get missions given to you by NPC’s (nonplayer characters) in online mode and the more missions you do and complete the hard the missions given to you become with higher paydays for them. Now you still get to purchase everything you can in single player mode as far as vehicles are concerned, but you can only purchase one garage or one apartment, it is my suggestion to buy the cheapest garage first and then save up your money to buy an apartment the costs over $200,000 that way you have the ability to take advantage of the soon to come heists update or dlc, also race as much as you can to unlock upgrades for your cars. Everything a player does gets saved on the Rockstar cloud servers and can alter your characters gameplay, such as: rewards for good behavior, or disapline for bad behavior. Good behavior bonus’ are said to increase with how long you are good starting at $1,000 and going up, how ever bad behavior such as killing other gamers or destroying there cars gives your character a dunce cap indefinitely and your character will change servers after every mission so you can not be with your friends or crew members. You can create your own crew along with an emblem and color on the Rockstar Social Club website in which you can recruit players to your crew and regulate who you are playing with in the online world. As for my personal opinion of GTA Online I give it a 9 of 10 for gameplay and a 10 of 10 for the new ideas implemented in order to create a new experience to online gaming.

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Saint Row 4 Review September 17th, 2013


For those of you that don’t already know this Saints Row 4 (SR4) was originally supposed to be a DLC for Saints Row: The Third (SR3) called “Enter the Dominatrix”, however Violation thought that the DLC could be much more than just that and became the project titled “The Boss”. Which for one I think was a better idea, the starts off in the real world with the players character as president, when out of no where aliens named Zin attack, capturing 90% of the saints crew and places them in a simulation based of theirs worst fears and nightmares. The face that the game is primarily based inside the simulated Steel Port leaves this game open to almost infinite possibilities as far as DLC is concerned. The introduction of super powers in SR3, while a lot of gamers were looking forward to more of them, was just a taste of things to come for SR4. With new powers such as telekinesis, stomp, burst (throwing fire, ice, and lightening), buff, force field, death from above, and of course super jump and super sprint and being able to upgrade them, moving around the map has become simpler and quicker. Personally in this reviewers opinion the graphics are the same as SR3, however the gameplay goes in a completely different direction, while we are once again trying to take over in the simulation, its more of a revenge thing against the aliens as well as showing the aliens that humanity is a force to be reckoned with. During game play the graphics seem to glitch out a lot but it is all part of the simulation to try to make it a genuine experience for the gamer. The only game out (with the exception of todays release of GTA5) for this reviewer to compare SR4 with at this moment in time is SR3, there are a lot more easter eggs in this game and references to movies and other video games that most of the older generation of gamers will be able to easily recognize. While the end of this generation of game consoles is nearing with only a few more months till the drop of Xbox One, and Playstation 4, I feel as though this is a game definitely worth purchasing. Violation has promised that the DLC for SR4 will be epic compared to any and all other Saints Row games DLC. While this game is running on basically running on the same engine as SR3 I personally feel that SR4 runs a lot more smoothly than SR3. On a scale from 1-5 pots of gold I give gameplay 4/5, storyline 4/5, graphics 3.5/5, this game is not as simple to get all the collectables and upgrades for weapons and super powers so I would have to give this game a simplicity rating of 2.5/5 pots of gold.

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