1. I was born on September 21, 1984
  2. I share a birthday with H.G. Wells, Stephen King, and Bill Murray
  3. I love pizza
  4. I love music
  5. At the time of writing this, I am on my third car. My first one was a Honda Civic, my second one was a Subaru Legacy, the one I drive now is a Chevrolet Beretta
  6. I love computer programming
  7. I know a bunch of programming languages
  8. Power Aide and Macdonalds cheese burgers put me in a programming mood
  9. I started making websites in 1998
  10. My first site was hosted by AOL and it didn't offer much
  11. I built my computer
  12. I've learned everything about computers by just messing around
  13. I hate Microsoft, but own an XBOX
  14. If I didn't play games on my computer, then I'd use Linux all the time
  15. I want to make or work on a video game
  16. I have never been truly happy with any of my websites
  17. I have a half brother, whom I refer to as my brother
  18. The last family vacation I was on was in 1998
  19. I used to play Basketball in 5th grade
  20. In highschool I used to be on the wrestling team.
  21. I like the color blue
  22. I want to write a book
  23. I have my poetry published in numerous anthologies
  24. I was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey
  25. I am a night person
  26. I am a virgo
  27. I can play the keyboard a little bit
  28. I used to take guitar lessons in school
  29. I was kicked out of a bowling alley and Macdonalds in the same day
  30. Every birthday I have a Carvel ice cream cake
  31. I went to Vorhees School and St Thomas the Apostle for elementary school
  32. I got kicked out of two high schools
  33. They were St Marys Regional High School and Sayreville War Memorial High School
  34. I graduated from Collier High School in 2004
  35. Collier was an alternative high school
  36. My favorite morning show is Z100's Elvis Duran and the Z-morning Zoo in New York
  37. I liked New York's KROQ before they started playing all the 80's music.
  38. I like Rock and Alternative music best, but listen to all kinds
  39. My favorite necklace is a gold one my grandmother got me from Ireland
  40. I fixed the clasp in jewelery shop after my ex-girlfriend broke it
  41. I've only been to one pro game- Nets vs Lakers
  42. I love playing video games
  43. I think I like video games online better than offline
  44. I love playing Halo 2 and Doom 3 online
  45. Resident Evil 2 scared me more than any other video game
  46. I want to get a PS3, XBOX 360, and a Revolution
  47. I hate popcorn
  48. I eat mayonaise with chicken fingers
  49. Family Guy and Futurama are my favorite television shows
  50. I love DVDs
  51. I used to have a bunch of comic books
  52. I prefer Marvel over DC comics
  53. My favorite comic books are X-Men and Spiderman
  54. I hate writing by hand
  55. I used to write X-men and Power Ranger scripts
  56. My favorite movie is Hackers
  57. I love comedies and romantic comedies
  58. I once went to Denny's 100 straight days in a row
  59. I read every Ctrl Alt Del comic
  60. I think Bush rigged the elections
  61. I am interested in the International Church of Keith Richards
  62. My parents divorced in 1999
  63. I've never broken a bone
  64. I have gotten stitches almost every year for 11 years
  65. I met Hank the Drunken Dwarf from Howard Stern at a bar in NYC
  66. I used to make haunted houses for Halloween
  67. I have a letter from the mayor commending me on one
  68. I helped finish a basement with one of my exes fathers
  69. I used to work in a daycare
  70. I was raised Catholic
  71. I don't follow the Catholic Religion anymore
  72. I watch all the old TGIF shows in syndication
  73. I can't stand stupidity
  74. When I was 9 I opened a computer and blew it up
  75. I hate wearing ties
  76. I love sangria with meat empanadas
  77. I once got pulled over for being from Sayreville, NJ
  78. My name comes from my grandfather's which was John
  79. I have never smoked weed
  80. I did get drunk when I was 15 at my father's house
  81. When I left the snackbar in Shoprite, they needed to find 3 people to fill my shoes
  82. I was very close with my grandmother when I was young
  83. We used to watch SNICK every Saturday night, then Duckman and Weird Science
  84. I inhereted her somewhat psychic abilities
  85. At times I can also see and speak to the dead
  86. My hair has been dyed blue, green, blonde, and red
  87. I get side tracked easily
  88. In highschool I stole a copy of Catcher in the Rye out of some kids backpack that was walking right in front of me
  89. I had my left ear pierced
  90. My earring was ripped out during wrestling practice
  91. I haven't had one since
  92. I did karaoke every Thursday for a year
  93. I like roadtrips
  94. I once went to Ohio to meet a girl
  95. The two day trip was extended to a week when I met up with an old friend
  96. I spend way too much time on tigerdirect.com and thinkgeek.com
  97. I prefer the cold weather to warm weather
  98. I love snow
  99. I don't have a cell phone
  100. I found a surf board on the boardwalk and brought it home with me
  101. Another time I found a beach chair in the bathroom and gave it to my friend afrer I broke his other one
  102. I've been hit in the face with a golf club
  103. I have been giving myself haircuts since the 6th grade
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100Plus things about me
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