Orphaned as a child, Peter Parker was raised in New York with his Aunt May and Uncle Ben. As he grew into a teenager, he developed an interest in science and photography; he also secretly yearned for Mary Jane Watson. One day while on a class trip to a research facility, Peter was taking pictures of Mary Jane, that is until he was bitten by a radioactive spider that had escaped. Peter, having a reaction to the bite, became ill and had to leave.

      Peter awoke the next morning feeling great. The bite gave him better vision and a lot more strength. As the day progressed he discovered that he could cling to surfaces and had a sixth sense that warned him of dangers. The thing that amazed Peter the most, was that he could project a web from his wrist strong enough for him to swing from. He used his new powers to make money in a wrestling match, but when the owner robbed him of his money, he let a thief get away without making an attempt to stop him.

      Later that night, Peter returned home to discover that his Uncle Ben had been killed by a carjacker. He found out that the guy had been chased to a downtown warehouse and he wanted first crack at him. Peter arrived at the warehouse wearing his wrestling costume, not wasting anytime he went right in and confronted the murderer. To his horror, he was the robber that he could have stopped earlier that day. Peter swore that he wouldn't put his own feelings before anyone else...
The Story So Far

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