Syria What… Twerk Twerk September 12th, 2013

George Bush used September 11th to rationalize a war with Iraq, a war in Afghanistan, spying on and detaining American citizens, and throwing the Constitution out the window. America voted him in office after his first term out of fear. Then America woke up and realized that Iraq and Afghanistan had nothing to do with September 11th so we voted for a President who was anti-war.

Anti-war, I remember the news channels were saying it was the first time an anti-war President was elected during war, but the truth is President Obama isn’t anti-war, he’s anti-Bush’s war. His own wars he is perfectly fine fighting for. Want to know the real difference between Bush and Obama? Bush used 9/11 as a tactic to enable spying on Americans, Obama was already spying on Americans when the Boston bombing happened. It’s as simple as that.

America isn’t as asleep as they were years ago though, no one wants war, hopefully we will not stand for this war, but if Miley Cyrus keeps twerking on people America will get distracted and will shift their focus to her twerks. Maybe we can send Miley to twerk in Syria to keep America’s attention on the issues that matter.

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spelling errors August 20th, 2013

To all those that have been agitated by my spelling errors I sincerely apologize. My posts thus far have been done after a long night of work and I have been squeezing in the time to write posts when I can. I will be altering my post times to night so that I can avoid as many spelling errors as possible in the near future. In the following days there will be new articles and a new review about Saints Row IV. But as I have stated in a past article if you have any specific articles you would care to see on this site feel free to contact me a

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Old School Versus New School July 28th, 2013

Today I would like to talk about something that only a small group of gamers today will actually know anything about. A lot of these kids out there that are calling themselves gamers don’t know their video game history except for what they know due to the availability of emulators and roms. I hate being in a game and hearing these kids out there say how hard a gamers and get frustrated with the game, I would love to see them play games on the original gaming systems such as the original Nintendo, Atari, or even commador 64, games where you hand one or two buttons and a joystick or a d-pad and no save game function, not to mention no Internet for multiplayer games and only two players could play at once in the same room on one console.

I remember putting in countless hours on these systems either by myself or with friends and siblings starting over everyday trying to get just a little further each time. Yes we all know that there was the infamous game genie for the original Nintendo, but for Atari and the commador 64 there was no cheats system or device. Now granted the graphics sucked compared to today’s games and there really wasn’t much to do when it came to gameplay but we had games like Contra, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, or everyones favorite Legends of Zelda(the original one) games that were so hard to beat they were almost impossible.

The younger gamers out there don’t know what it is to dedicate time to a game, they think that putting a total of 24 to 36 hours into a game to beat it is an accomplishment, yes we are all happy for the ability to save games and start off where we left off, but nothing in gaming today equals the feeling of beating a game after putting in hours upon hours of playing and pausing, leaving the system on while you work, sleep or go to school and finally after 100 plus hours of game play just so you can be sure your doing everything right, not to mention having to restart the game because somewhere along the line you messed up and did something too early.

This new generation of gamers have no idea what is really is to play your heart out just so you can finally say “I beat it!!!” For those of us out there that have the wii or the wii u yes most of the old school games are available for download and purchase but you get what we didn’t have growing up with the old school systems, the save function so please if your idea of old school gaming is playing an old school game on a wii or wii u don’t try to tell me “oh man bro I know what your talking about” because you still have no idea. I’m not saying that today’s video games are better or worse than the old school games, don’t get me wrong, I’m just pointing out that the younger generation of gamers have it significantly easier than we ( the older generation gamers) did growing up. Today’s gaming systems offer an array of features and functions that the original systems did not.

When it all comes down to it the younger generation of gamers out there have all these frustrations that they think are legitimate, really aren’t if you think that playing these new games are hard or your upset that you have to restart from a previous save or check point, please find an old school system and trying playing the games I was playing when I was your age. I’m not saying that it made me a better gamer than you are or even that I am a better gamer than you in general because there are games I am horrible at and there are games that you don’t stand a chance in beating me at.

Granted new games have story lines that are easier to follow and easier to create sequels for than the old school games but old school games had longer gameplay abilities even with the lack of graphics also the wait for a sequel or new game to come out was I bit longer than the wait for new school games. Now you have new games coming out every month or sometimes every week and where that could be a good thing so your never actually expected to play the same game over and over until a new game comes out, which is good considering the attention span of most gamers today has significantly lowered compared to that of an old school gamer, the fact that these games are coming out so frequently lowered the standards of gaming, they don’t have to be so long and detailed to actually make the gamer utilize his/her mind to figure out how to do things.

A lot of games today are more for the purpose of passing time than they are for entertainment purposes. The amount of strategy that is needed to play a lot of these new games is extremely low if any is needed at all compared to the old school games, even today’s strategy genre games have little to no strategy involved due to the fact that you are either told in game as to what needs to be done or you are given goals that need to be done to complete the mission. There are many good new school games out there and they come out atleast once a year but most of today’s gamers can’t wait that long and then they complain that the game was either too easy or just a waste of money, old school gamers know what to look for in a game to help choose what game is worth it and what game isn’t.

Games are not and should not be measured in graphics, style and what you can do online (even though online play is a plus) they should be measured in hours of continuous gameplay, the reputation of the production company and overall how the progress is from gave to game if it is a sequel. All in all my opinion and the opinion of most off the older generation of gamers out there is the same, this newer generation of gamers have it significantly easier than we did and they need to stop complaining that games are so hard.

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